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Musings 2004/181

incredible deception!!!
P 43  For there is no good tree that brings forth evil fruit: nor an evil tree that brings forth good fruit.

  1. For every tree is known by its fruit.
For men do not gather figs from thorns: nor from a bramble bush do they gather the grape.

45  A good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth that which is good: and

an evil man out of the evil treasure
brings forth that which is evil.

For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. P
Luke (6) sums up the situation well.
What is the fruit of modernism over the twentieth century, in which evil-personified had its day?
The simple answer is that its fruit is disaster.
And this disaster consists of deception, disintegration, deformity, demise, defiance, degeneration and every other spiritual disease.
It is like a nightmare of real horror to look back on the corrupt
fruit of the modernist tree over the twentieth century.
How many Nuns have deserted their holy calling, because of modernism? Is it in the millions or tens of millions? And of those who have remained how many have actually joined and assisted the modernist apostasy? L
How many Priests have deserted their divine Vocation, the very Vocation that makes Christ available to the world? Do we look at the hundreds of thousands or the millions? And of the Priests that survived the initial onslaught and remained at their post, how many remained only to further this apostasy-from-within? L
How many Bishops have deserted the Truth of Catholicism and preached deception? And what damage have those defiant Bishops caused? Woe, woe, woe.
While we can not answer those questions with sure numbers, we do KNOW that the answers horrify any real-Catholic.
I am sure that there are people in the Vatican who would have a good idea of the degree of apostasy in religious orders and of Priests and Bishops.
Perhaps the truth would so astonishing as to seem too much to bear? My thinking is that 'yes it would be too much to bear'.
But is that all the fruit of modernism?
Unfortunately, that is the first chapter only.
Look at
the Catholic education system that has become the anti-Catholic school system! L
How many students of the modern 'Catholic' education system practise their Faith as adults? Would I be optimistic if I said '5%'?
Well, from my view-point, I would say that 5% would be over-stated!
That is to say,
at least 95% of Catholic boys and girls who go through the 'Catholic' education system, somewhere along the way,

lose their Faith altogether
or mature with a very fault-ridden idea of The Church.

This figure is given credibility by the statistics that are available around Australia with regard to the percentage of Catholics who go to Sunday Mass. The figures vary of course, but we are given percentages that most often are less then 20%!! Some Dioceses are MUCH less!!
So, if we deduct from that disheartening, miserly figure, the elderly, the mature Catholics and their young, dependent children  who do go to Sunday Mass - and they would be the majority - and then consider

what percentage remains?!

i.e. the young adults who have recently left school or nearly so, we will have an idea of the fruit of our 'Catholic' modernist education system!

For every tree is known by its fruit.

And there's more. L
The apostasy that raged throughout the twentieth century not only caused the above-mentioned

cataclysmic disasters
that would have easily destroyed
the very foundations
of any other organisation, whatsoever,

and left it in not only complete ruins, but would have destroyed it to such an extent that they would have appeared to have never existed.
Yet, The Catholic Church was attacked with this same venom of every description and from every angle.
Modernism is not a single, simple apostasy/heresy but

a combination
of all apostasies and heresies
from day one.

This all-wrapped-up-in-one-apostasy attacked The Church through Communism and wrecked incredible damage upon real-Catholics in virtually half the world.
I have said it many times that the martyrs of the twentieth century would be greater then all those of the past 1900 years. Recent official statements from reliable sources have suggested the same.
P    On Wednesday, Patriarch Bartholomew I met with the members of the lay Community of Sant'Egidio, in the Basilica of St. Bartholomew, on the island of the Tiber in Rome,

a church that in the year 2000
John Paul II dedicated to the memory
of the 20th-century martyrs.

"The martyrdom of the last century -

the century with the greatest number
of martyrs for the faith
in human history

has become a significant meeting place and space for unity in prayer among Christians," a subsequent press statement explained, issued by the Sant'Egidio Community. P   (Report 1-Jul-04)
It is marvellous to have confirmed that Catholicism has so many martyrs, yet

I am talking about the modernist invasion
upon the planet earth
which no invasion from another planet
could have possibly come close to equalling
in desperation and destruction.

The question is this: How many  people were lost to The Catholic Church in the anti-Catholic communist world because of their brutal, terrorist activities?
Can we consider the figure to be in the tens of millions or in the hundreds of millions?

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