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Musings 2004/181

And yes, there's more. L
The modernist invasion of earth also penetrated the capitalist empires and - as incredible as it may seem to be -

perhaps created more spiritual damages to souls
then even the extremes
of the diabolical communists!

Capitalism has brought to maturity a materialism that would have brought astonishment and bewilderment to people 100 years ago. The electronic age and its array of gadgets designed to provide luxury, information, transport, medicines and generally, all that one would expect to make worldly life perfect and pleasurable in every way. For half the world, materialism was standard fare - a capitalist panorama of enticement.
With this materialism came the movement away from strong religious preferences. Only a watered-down version of God and what He requires, became palatable to the majority, so long as its lifestyle was not affected in any way.
If you want me and my money in your religious centre, don't tell me what to do or what not to do.
This watered-down version of all things religious included a new ingredient:-

toleration of any immorality
which could not be easily observed
to cause direct physical harm to someone.

So, it was still a crime to kill someone or to steal his property.
We find, then,  a materialist civilisation that accepted and even encouraged young couples to

avoid the marriage commitment

and to have and raise children outside that state.
Without this commitment, of course, separation and family disintegration were the norms - no change there! 
Easy divorce for those who did get 'married' was the alternative!!
Homosexual unions became increasingly accepted as normal and even as something good. L
And of course there was
the contraceptive mentality from which emerged the pro-abortion lobby and the euthanasia lobby and, believe it or not, but there was a pro-paedophilia lobby who wanted the age of consent reduced to eight years of age!
There is the massive
pornography industry that grew in leaps and bounds through modern technology.
I need not go on, for these trends are all too obvious - still -  and religions, especially Catholicism, were the big, big losers.
During the twentieth century therefore (it is an historical fact) in conjunction with the infiltration of modernism into

- the one and only stronghold of planet earth -

we had this insidious in-creeping of materialism and immorality in the western world in general that defied everything Catholic.
How did The Universal Church Fare?
The most particular enemy of modernism - the chosen objective for total destruction, The Church - as incredible as it may seem to any person viewing this all-out, take-no-prisoners attack upon planet earth, has survived. J
How well did She survive?

We can, already, get a very clear idea
on just how She survived the twentieth century,
this Mother of God's Children on earth -
by the number of martyrs She produced.

If we recall how The Church has flourished down through Her 2,000 years on the blood of martyrs, then we will get a sure glimpse just how well The Church has survived the twentieth century. We will get this surety because that was

the century with the greatest number
of martyrs for the faith
in human history.

In his THEOLOGICAL COMMENTARY on the Third Secret of Fatima, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, that great antagonist of modernist, tells us this:- J

It is a consoling vision,
which seeks to open a
history of blood and tears
to the healing power of God.
Beneath the arms
of the cross
angels gather up the blood of the martyrs,
and with it they give life
to the souls making their way to God.
Here, the blood of Christ
and the blood of the martyrs
are considered as one:
the blood of the martyrs runs down
from the arms of the cross.
The martyrs die in communion
with the Passion of Christ,
and their death
becomes one with his.
For the sake of the body of Christ,
they complete what is still lacking
in his afflictions  (cf. Col 1:24).
Their life has itself become
a Eucharist,
part of the mystery of the grain of wheat
which in dying yields abundant fruit.
The blood of the martyrs
is the seed of Christians, said Tertullian. P

And what says that exquisite Saint Catherine of Sienna about martyrs - it seems certain that she is actually quoting Jesus Himself?
P If thou turnest to Augustine, and to the glorious Thomas and Jerome, and the others, thou wilt see how much light they have thrown over this spouse, extirpating error, like lamps placed upon the candelabra, with true and perfect humility. And, as if famished for such food, they feed upon My honour, and the salvation of souls, upon the table of the most holy Cross.

The martyrs, indeed, with blood,

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