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Musings 2004/181

which blood cast up sweet perfume
before My countenance;
and, with the perfume of blood, and of the virtues,
and with the light of science,
they brought forth fruit
in  this spouse
and extended the faith,
and, by their means,
the light of the most holy faith
was rekindled in the darkness.  P

So, if the martyrs of the past have had such incredible influence upon the health, purity and expansion of The Church,

what then
of the incomparable number of martyrs
of the twentieth century? J

By that comparison, one can say with the greatest assurance that

The Church has not only survived the twentieth century
given over to the devil,
but has emerged
as absolutely supreme, victorious
and confirmed
in Her vocation as infallible teacher
of Truth
and as The Spouse of The Messiah.  J

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