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Musings 2004/183

Is Mary Needed?

To the real-Catholic, this is quite a silly question, for he knows absolutely that Mary in needed; is

urgently needed
for his salvation
and the salvation of all creation.

Of course, she is.
Previously in these columns, I have considered God's most holy Will in that He does everything with the
co-operation of mankind - everything.
We must
co-operate with Him for our own salvation. Often enough, others rely on our co-operation with God for their salvation - and we, them - through our prayers and other types of help.
This is, after all, the fullness of meaning in our having freewill, isn't it?
I have also previously considered Mary as The Woman of Scripture which phenomenal status can only be glimpsed by Revelation 12, in
The Woman clothed with the sun.
A friend said she would be 'lost' without the blessed Mother to which I instantly agreed, recalling Mother Teresa's words 'No Mary, no Jesus'. But then I thought

'Jesus would have been lost
without Mary, too!'

Of course, I am not talking about Jesus' personal salvation. He didn't need salvation. I am talking about Jesus' Work on earth.
That might seem an incredible statement, that Jesus so needed Mary, but it is easily proven and is not possible to be disproven!
God needed the
co-operation of a 'virgin' to take to Himself a human body and soul. It was the Virgin Mary who co-operated in this.
Therein lies all the proof I need to prove Jesus' full need of His Mother. But wait, there's more.
There was only one Mary. God did not need a whole string of Marys in case one of them did not
co-operate! God did not need to have alternative plans in case one of His plans failed!
Once you admit God could fail in a plan of His, then you are not talking about God.
A god that fails in his planning is not God.
So, Jesus needed His blessed Mother. Totally.
But if we look again at the freewill given to mankind and the urgent necessity that requires man to use his freewill in
co-operation with Jesus' Redemption, to gain for himself personally, eternal Life,

we will realise also
that Jesus needed a Co-redemptrix.

This is so, because God's Own plan of Salvation gives precedence to the freewill of mankind.  God at all times, respects totally, the freewill of mankind.
It is totally logical therefore, that

not only did He require the co-operation
of each individual
to gain his own personal salvation,
but also that He required mankind
as a whole
to co-operate in the redemptive Work of The Saviour.

That is to say, God required a co-worker to co-operate on behalf of mankind, in the redemptive Act.
He required a representative of mankind to act on behalf of mankind.

P Be at ease. I am, most truly,
The Immaculate Conception
and I thank you
that you now perceive clearly that I am -
under this title and the title of Mother of The Eternal-son - 
      the Perfect Reflection of The Father.
It is a privilege given to me,
for I am the hand of creation
that reaches for The Creator.
Jesus, it is true, is The Hand of The Creator,
reaching for creation.
Thus, in me, did Jesus find His Humanity 
    in accord with The Father's Will .  P

I take this quotation from the locutions that are published in this newsletter. It states, simply and clearly, what I am trying to say.
Mary not only
co-operated on a personal level with Jesus, The Christ, but she co-operated with Him as representative of all mankind!
The Universal Church has declared that Mary is The Mother of God some 1,700 years ago and is a sure dogma of The Church and of course, this is confirmed by Scripture and common sense, for Jesus is God-made-man. However, if we look at:-

P 6.  For a CHILD IS BORN to us,
and a son is given to us,
and the government is upon his shoulder:
and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor,
God the Mighty,
the Father of the world to come,
the Prince of Peace. (Is 9.)  P

we can get a glimpse of the exquisite and most necessary avenue through which this CHILD IS BORN, that is to say The Mother, The Woman of Scripture.
God's people of the Old Testament, Israel, laboured and
co-operated over thousands of years so that The Messiah would be born from their race.

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