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Musings 2004/183

again bestowed upon Abraham, withdrawn from Jacob, by Moses

deposited in the Ark of the Covenant,
and lastly received by Joachim,
the father of Mary,

in order that Mary might be as pure and stainless in her Conception as was Eve upon coming forth from the side of the sleeping Adam. P
We glimpse in these exquisite words of Anne Catherine Emmerich (to be declared a Saint of The Church this month) just how supremely important is Mary to all mankind and to God's Plan of Salvation.

She, The Woman,
was to be the tabernacle
into which God would enter
and take flesh and blood
and become the Son of Man.

From the dawn of creation, God had in mind this Woman from whom would issue Immanuel, God-with-us.
Mary is like the tabernacle of the Old Testament wherein God
dwelt in a certain manner for the sake of His People. God went to great lengths to ensure that the tabernacle of Israel was given the greatest reverence. Look at the several chapters of Exodus that relate to the tabernacle of The Lord where Moses was instructed in considerable detail as to the construction, the furnishings, the ceremonies, the overall customisation of the tabernacle and of its use.

P   8  And they shall make me a sanctuary,
and I will dwell in the midst of them:
  1. According to all the likeness
of the tabernacle

which I will shew thee, and of all the vessels for the service thereof. (Exodus 25).  P
God gave His blessing upon the tabernacle which He Himself, designed and brought to fruition with the help of His children.

P    44  I will sanctify also
the tabernacle of the testimony

with the altar, and Aaron with his sons, to do the office of priesthood unto me. (Exodus 29)   P
If The Lord Himself paid so much attention to the tabernacle of the Old Testament which was to be a symbolic home of the Eternal-father,

what then would His attention be
for the actual home of The Divinity,
the virginal womb of The Woman of Scripture?

And Pope Pius IX, in the first paragraph of his all-important work, Ineffabilis Deus, The Immaculate Conception, Apostolic Constitution, December 8, 1854, confirmed this, thus:-
P From the very beginning, and before time began,

the eternal Father chose and prepared
for his only-begotten Son
a Mother

in whom the Son of God would become incarnate and from whom, in the blessed fullness of time, he would be born into this world.

Above all creatures did God so love her
that truly in her was the Father well pleased
with singular delight.

Therefore, far above all the angels and all the saints so wondrously did God endow her with the abundance of all heavenly gifts poured from the treasury of his divinity that this mother, ever absolutely free of all stain of sin, all fair and perfect, would possess that fullness of holy innocence and sanctity than which, under God, one cannot even imagine anything greater,

and which, outside of God,
no mind can succeed in comprehending fully.  P

From this statement of the then Vicar of Christ, we easily perceive the great holiness of the man. He clearly perceives the greatness of The Woman and, because God is far beyond her in His Eternal-perfection, the Pontiff is then able to grasp so much more clearly this Eternal-perfection and so, give the fullest and most proper adoration to The Trinity.
Had he not this powerful perception of The Virgin, he would not have been able to rise to the greatest adoration of God!
We can also perceive in the words of Pope Pius IX, that it is quite impossible to love the Virgin too much, as was suggested to me by a good Priest only recently!!
If Mary is so great before God that He loved her
Above all creatures, and so wonderful that no mind can succeed in comprehending fully, then it is quite obvious that we are quite unable to love her too much. We surely can not love her as much as does God - we do not have the capacity.
Bearing in mind also, that God is Love and that the Love between Mary and us is that very same Love,

then how can we have too much
of that Love?

And, so very importantly, we can observe from these famous words of the Pontiff, that

The Immaculate Conception
came about
at the hands
of the Eternal-father
chosen and prepared
for his only-begotten Son.

It is therefore obvious, also, that

The Mother was (and is)
The Father's greatest Work
in creation.

I can say this because Mary is a creature brought forth from nothing as are other creatures that issue from The Eternal-father. A fabulous creature, yes, but still a creature. So I can say that she is His greatest Work in creation.
God Desires to Dwell Amongst us.
From the foregoing, we can further observe that God has this great desire to dwell amongst His people!
The Old Testament overflows with statements that testify to this.
He dwells amongst us in the words and examples of His prophets.
He dwells amongst us in so far as He has a chosen people, the Hebrews, who He guides, protects, teaches, admonishes and loves.

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