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Musings 2004/184

Greatest Communion
With God

The Universal Church of John Paul II teaches how a human might reach the greatest communion with God. If She didn't, She would not be the One true Church of Jesus Christ.
How does The Church bring us to the greatest heights of the knowledge of God? How does The Church bring us to the greatest capacity in sharing Divinity? How does The Church bring us to love God with our whole being and our neighbour as ourselves?
For indeed, She does do this, does our Mother The Church.

There is only one way:-
It is grasping the
of Creator and creation,
for which The Son of God came to earth
to teach -
He being Truth-personified.

By grasping the reality of creation, we are led to grasp the Reality of The Trinity.
Looking at the endlessness of the universe, we glimpse the-without-beginning-and-without-end, of God. In being astounded at the beauty and wonder of nature, we consider the Beauty and Wonder of Him who created it.
This is the method The Church uses to raise Her children to the greatest heights of Heaven.
By a natural sensible progression, The Church points to the Saints

whose perfections amaze us
to such an extent
that when we then ponder and wonder
about the divine Perfection,
we become startled!

This is why The Church clothes Herself in the immaculateness of The Woman of Scripture; bathes Herself in the glory of Mary's Motherhood; and breathes in the pure delight of Mary's Queenship.

For The Church would have each of Her children
absorbed in the fullness
of all of Mary's glories

trying to perceive the grandeur to which God has raised His favourite Handmaid.
The astonishing heights to which God has raised
The Woman can only be observed by directing the heart's eyes far upward - upward, upward.
And when the heart becomes totally fascinated in considering the stupendous heights of Mary's exquisite beauty, her unequalled charity and her unsurpassed intellect,

The Church then directs the heart
to consider Jesus Christ Himself!

And the heart's fascination with The Mother - only then - is enabled to

rise impossibly higher

and grasp the potential fullness
of The Truth of Jesus,
Son of God,
Son of Man,
at which height
the heart can only feel stunned
in this awesome adoration of The Christ,
towering above The Virgin
- herself, created only for Him!

Here we perceive the perfection, the wonder and the fulfilment of approaching Jesus through His blessed Mother.
Yet, it is The Church who recommends approaching Christ through His Mother -

it is Jesus Himself
Who recommends this.

Indeed, it is only by Jesus' Grace that we may perceive the greatness of His Mother.
He Himself and so, His Church, leads us to dwell upon the marvels of Mary, not only so that we might give glory to God for His wonderful work in bringing forth His masterpiece, but so that we might all the better grasp the wonder of The Godhead and of The Christ.
The Church directs us to contemplate Mary in Scripture - as Mother of The Messiah, and so Mother of God. The Church directs us to ponder on Mary,
full of Grace (Luke 1:28.28) for these words of the Archangel to Mary indicate that she is the universal title-holder where the fullness of God's grace is concerned.
All generations shall count me blessed. (Luke 1) In this passage of Scripture, The Church directs Her children to grasp the fact that God desires all peoples of all ages to contemplate

that it is He, Himself, Who has

has done great things in Mary. (Luke 1)

P In her they acknowledge
"the woman clothed in the sun" (Revelation 12:1),
the Queen resplendent
before the throne of God (cf. responsorial psalm),
ever interceding on their behalf.  P

(LOURDES, France, AUG. 16, 2004. Homily - John Paul II)
Scripture, as our super-Pope highlights has numerous passages that make it VERY
obvious that Mary is the super-star in God's theatre of salvation.
But I would like to highlight a favourite quotation of mine from Wisdom 7:26:

P She, the glow that radiates from eternal Light;

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