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Musings 2004/184

she, the untarnished mirror of God's Majesty;
she, the faithful image of His Goodness. P

This Scriptural translation of Mon. R. Knox - used in the Liturgy of The Church in relation to Mary - highlights Mary's Immaculate Conception as the perfect reflection of The Eternal-father in creation - indeed, the perfect reflection of The Eternal-son and The Holy Spirit as well.
In his infallible declaration of Mary's Immaculate Conception Pope Pius IX put the matter in a nutshell in his forthright statement that

P this mother, ever absolutely free
of all stain of sin,
all fair and perfect,
would possess that fullness
of holy innocence and sanctity
than which, under God,
one cannot even imagine anything greater,
and which, outside of God,
no mind can succeed in comprehending fully. P

Just so.  Just so.
However, in our continued search for the whole Truth about Mary,

we, all the more, come to comprehend
the greater Majesty of Jesus Christ
and so, our adoration of Him
knows no bounds.

In this way, one can rightly say that

the greater the admiration
we have for Mary
the greater the Love and adoration we have
for Jesus,
and so, for The most Holy Trinity.

One can also rightly say that the lesser the admiration we have for Mary the lesser the Love and adoration we have for Jesus and for God!!!

To 'be with Jesus'
at the foot of the cross.

So preaches Cardinal Darío Castrillón Hoyos (refer article on page  5 - 'Be with Jesus'). He tells the Priests present:- 

Only those who have learned
to 'be with Jesus'
at the foot
of the cross
are ready to let him be seen,
ready to be sent to evangelize.

Is the good Cardinal merely saying this in a symbolic way, not really thinking it possible that these Priests could actually place themselves at The Cross on Golgotha, 2,000 years ago?
Is he perhaps saying that this could be done in some imaginary way?
I do not think so.
The Universal Church has always maintained that

The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass
is a re-presentation of Golgotha.

The Holy Mass is the one and only Sacrifice, the same one, as that of The Lamb of God on Golgotha.

1382 The Mass is at the same time,
and inseparably,
the sacrificial memorial
in which the sacrifice of the cross is perpetuated

and the sacred banquet of communion with the Lord's body and blood. But the celebration of the Eucharistic sacrifice is wholly directed toward the intimate union of the faithful with Christ through communion. To receive communion is to receive Christ himself who has offered himself for us. P
Here we observe from The Catechism of The Catholic Church that to be present at Holy Mass is to be present at Golgotha, 2,000 years ago - to be present, also, at the Last Supper.
Our super-Pope, John Paul II The Great, confirms this, thus:-

Through it (Holy Mass)
Christ makes present
within time
the mystery of his death and resurrection.

(JP2 Mane Nobiscum Domine. See page 7 herein.)
Here he reaffirms that Mass and Golgotha are the same.
The Holy Mass is
within time, yet somehow Jesus Christ transcends time and space so that Golgotha and the Upper Room become present to us.

P In a sense,
the People of God
of all times
were present
in that small nucleus of disciples,
the first-fruits of the Church".(21) P

The super-Pope (see page 11 herein) gives us further teaching on this most marvellous Sacrament of Love, The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, and we observe that he maintains that time and space are, somehow, put to one side

so that The Lamb of God's
Cross of Salvation
is accessible to each and everyone
who desires such access.

How exquisite are his words - we, the People of God of all times were present with the Apostles, in a sense, 2,000

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