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Musings 2004/184

how much more efficient
would our prayers be?

If we could recall here part of the locutions of page 15, herein, we will become somewhat acquainted with this wonderful mystery.
PYet all of The Children of The Eternal-father are also my Children and so I can say in Truth, that I bring everything to Jesus ...
... and I bring everything to Him at Golgotha
... where The complete Victory is completed
... The Victory of the past, present and the future.

It is at Golgotha
that the universe
becomes the possession
of The Saviour,
in His complete triumph.

It is at Golgotha that every Angel and every Saint pays homage to The Son of Man
... The Son of God.
With this in mind, I am here proposing that at a particular time each month, some of Mary' children might say this Golgotha prayer and the Rosary and hopefully also attend Holy Mass, with the urgent intention that the particular Triumph for Jesus brought about by The Immaculate Conception through His The Infinite Merits, might be recognised by everyone, everywhere.
While Christ gained absolute victory at Golgotha that victory transcended time and space and so was not immediately, visibly apparent in time and space.

The victory has to be consummated, therefore,
in space and over time
and it is this victory
confirmed in time and space
that He draws to Himself 
at Golgotha.

It is this absolute victory consummated over all time and all space that constitutes all things of John 12:32.
Is the assembly space a church?
Up until recent times, all around the world, a Catholic church was always recognised by The Real-presence. We could see the Tabernacle and we could see the red light which signified that Jesus Christ - Body, Blood, Soul, Divinity - was there present.
In every comparison between a Catholic and a non-Catholic church, this difference was always the vital difference, certainly by everyone I knew.
Now that the Real Presence has been shamefully removed in many Parishes at least in this part of the world, one wonders whether what's left - that is, the
assembly space - can be regarded as a Catholic church.
I know that the post-modernist 'church' building consists of many
spaces - gathering space, leadership space, reconciliation space, etc. - not forgetting the Tabernacle space where The Sacrament of Love has been foisted.
spaces are not conjured up by me but were bandied around our Parish by the post-modernist Priest and the 'expert' that he called in to convince parishioners of the goodness of destroying a Catholic church.)
So, is the collection such bizarre
spaces a Catholic church?
I have to repeat, that Catholic churches were constructed to honour Jesus Christ in His Real-presence, whether through Consecration at Holy Mass or through His residing in the Tabernacle.
This holy evolvement came about over the millenniums and reached the advanced, wonderful stage where the Catholic church was recognised primarily by the Real-presence.
That is to say, if the Real-presence is removed, then it is no longer a Catholic church.
Can the excuse be used that The Real-presence has not really been removed from the church but has just been relegated to a  back-room? It is still under the same roof, isn't It?
There are two points here:-

  1. The Real-presence has been taken from Its rightful place, that is to say, the most prominent place in the church;
  2. The Real-presence has been demoted to a space with which the great majority of parishioners never associate and many do not know even exists!
As far as I am concerned, not only has The Real-presence been removed from such a church building, having lost all prominence whatsoever, but worse, there is the awful, blatant insult and the disgraceful suggestion and example that faith in The Real-presence has been lost!!
Under these circumstances can we really call such a church building a Catholic church?
My simple answer is
I regard myself as a real-Catholic for I try to follow the Vicar of Christ, John Paul the Great, and I try to be devoted to The Woman of Scripture and I believe, to the best of my ability, in The Real-presence.
As a real-Catholic then, I state that the church which has delegated The Real-presence to a remote part of the building, is not Catholic.
And the results confirm this!
While in the Tabernacle space recently I heard what seemed to be conflicting voices and I wondered what was happening out on the street! No, the voices emanated not from the street but from the assembly space,  as children gathered to practice for a forthcoming concert.
Loud rock music and song followed and I thought that the singers were quite good.
Saying the Holy Rosary with such a background of heavy music, even if the noise made it very difficult to hear the Hail Marys, does not raise my hackles as it once did.
In fact, these difficulties upon the ear-drums while saying the Rosary brings greater rewards if one perseveres with charity and hope.

And the reason why my hackles
are no longer aroused
is because these people are not defiling a Catholic church!
No, they are defiling a modernist assembly space!

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