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Musings 2004/185

Our Own Prayers

If someone said to me I have made up this special prayer, would you pray it with me? I would want to check out the prayer first, I suppose, and I would want to check out the person who made up the prayer (if I didn't already know him well).
But even if I did know him well, I would still be hesitant in joining him in the prayer.
Even if the prayer seemed OK in every way, I would still be hesitant!
Why would this be, I wonder?
If The Church promoted the same prayer, I would welcome it without any investigation at all!
If the Pope promoted the prayer, I would also accept its authenticity immediately. No worries.
Maybe it is the instinctive feeling that the person promoting his own personal prayer, is promoting himself?
Maybe this person thinks he is receiving special favours from Heaven and thinks his prayer is from Heaven but

maybe he is promoting himself?

Unfortunately, one has to think along these lines in this period of the anti-Catholic post-modernists even as these apostates are being slowly but surely weeded out of The Church - or preferably, brought back to Truth and sanity.
So, even through I find that such a  prayer suggested to me seems completely Catholic and the person offering it to me is also completely Catholic,

why do I still hesitate?

Unfortunately, at that stage of the investigation I must look at myself - not at the other person or his prayer - and ask myself the question:- if the prayer is OK and the person promoting the prayer is OK,

then is the problem with me?

However, viewing this matter from the reverse side, I have found this an intriguing matter, for I have personally  created prayers, such as I have mentioned! And if I suggest these prayer to others I have noticed the various responses to my proposal.
I mention this whole scenario mainly for one reason and that is to make special mention of those souls who not only accept such a prayer that I have personally created but in doing so, have accepted me in the process - for that is what they do, to a large extent!
And yes, I have felt that a prayer that I have created has come to me from the heavenly Court!
I can only say this:- those persons who embraced a prayer that I have created and which I have claimed to have been given from the heavenly Court,

are the humble ones
of The Immaculate Conception.

And I am astonished at their humility. I am humbled  and brought to my knees by their humility and I thank the Good Lord for these wonderful people.
I know of their humility because I can see my own hesitation were I in their place.
The Universal Church proclaims Mary as Co-redemptrix not as yet by a dogmatic proclamation by the Pope, but in essence. Popes have referred to Mary as Co-redemptrix, including super-Pope John Paul II. Numerous Saints have also proclaimed this majestic title for The Virgin, as well.
And the doctrine is accepted by real-Catholics around the world.

P in January 1985,
John Paul stated that Mary
was "crucified spiritually
with her crucified Son"
and that "her role as Co-redemptrix
did not cease after the glorification of her Son." P

(Refer page 7 herein.)
No one can deny that Mary cooperated with her divine Son in His universal salvation. As His Mother she joined with Him in His Work in every possible way - strengthening, consoling, supporting and encouraging Him throughout His whole life and remained ready to further His Work even after His death - after His Resurrection.
It is also absolutely obvious that

Jesus, Son of God,
could have achieved Salvation.

Only He had the power to return to Heaven from whence He came.
While Mary is supreme as a creature of God and there can never be another Mary, still, even if we found a thousand Marys, in total they would not be able to achieve the Salvation wrought by Christ.
All of the Angels and Saint together, could not have achieved the Salvation brought by Christ.

So Christ can be said to be Salvation itself
for only in Him
are we able to gain eternal-life in Heaven.

Christ is God-made-man, so He has no threats against His status as the One for Whom we were all created.

Christ is God - Mary is a creature.

Therefore Mary's role as Co-redemptrix is all the more amazing in so far as God's astonishing intention to make the dignity of mankind paramount.

The dignity given to man
by God
shines brilliantly in Mary
as Co-redemptrix

for she represented all mankind in her vital, intimate and total co-operation with God in bringing The Second Person of The Holy Trinity into His Own creation and in aiding Him in every way in His Work of Salvation.

P 964 Mary's role in the Church is inseparable from her union with Christ and flows directly from it.

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