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Musings 2004/185

and came from her.

Of course, it was by the power of The Holy Spirit that Mary's words carried such power so that John the Baptist was sanctified in Elizabeth's womb and this occurred because of Jesus' presence in the womb of Mary.
But are we then to assume that Mary's role was of no account?

If we thus incredibly dismiss
Mary's role in Salvation,
to something meaningless,
then how will we account for our own role
before God?

All generations shall call me blessed.
P48  Because he hath regarded the humility of his handmaid: for behold from henceforth all generations shall call me blessed. PLuke 1.
One has to ask the question:- 'How can it possibly happen that some people think that Mary was anything else but 'Blessed''?

I have heard the abuse of some people laid upon Mary and I would not repeat some things said to me, about my Mother and Queen!
These same people claim to be Christian and further claim their knowledge is based on Scripture!
The deception that these people have gathered unto themselves is truly frightening - it is terrifying! What horror for these people that they not only accept it, but they attempt to promote this deception to each and everyone they meet!
Do they think that Jesus will praise them for demoting His Mother and for even promoting hatred of her?
The insanity of it!
I suppose the subject of Truth is my favourite. Jesus Christ is The Word - He is The Son, and these indicate that He issues from The Eternal-father as Truth-personified.
It is astonishing that some people think that we should ignore Truth so that Christians can unite!!
Hard to believe, isn't it?
The reverse is the case, of course -

Truth must be the central theme
of ecumenical intentions.

Truth must be the basis for all intentions towards unity.

Truth must be the concrete
that brings unity
and retains it.

It is no good saying that Love is the key to unity. Love is the urgency and the impulse that demands unity - Love of God and neighbour. Love is the standard by which we will measure unity - for that is how we can see that we are disciples of Jesus Christ.
Already, we love our separated Christian brothers and sisters.
It is most certainly clear that the reason behind separation of Christians is that one believes something that another does not. That is to say, they do not share Truth - either one is wrong and the other right, or both have different versions of Truth.

It is the lack of Truth
that causes separation and disunity
and that promotes disunity.

If lack of Truth brings disunity, then of course, the fullness of Truth brings unity.
As we enter into the third era of The Spirit of Love, let us ponder on Him, The Third Person of The Holy Trinity.
What is the Truth of The Holy Spirit?
P In a certain sense, my previous Encyclicals Redemptor Hominis and Dives in Misericordia took their origin and inspiration from this exhortation, cerebrating as they do the event of our salvation accomplished in the Son, sent by the Father into the world "that the world might be saved through him" [8] and "every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father". [9] From this exhortation

now comes the present Encyclical on the Holy Spirit,
who proceeds
from the Father and the Son;

with the Father and the Son he is adored and glorified: a divine Person,

he is at the centre of the Christian faith
and is the source and dynamic power
of the Church's renewal. [10]

The Encyclical has been drawn from the heart of the heritage of the Council. For the Conciliar texts, thanks to their teaching on the Church in herself and the Church in the world, move us to penetrate ever deeper into the Trinitarian mystery of God himself, through the Gospels, the Fathers and the Liturgy: to the Father, through Christ, in the Holy Spirit. P
And that brilliant man of God Frank Sheed in his Christ in the Classroom, an author who changes the life of everyone who reads his writings, gives us a further clue about The Spirit of God Who is Love:-
P It was the genius of St. Augustine

which saw Father and Son
combining in an utterance of total love,
so that the divine nature is filled
with their love,
and a third self is produced,

a self equal to them in all things, since they have withheld nothing that is theirs.
Jesus and the New Testament writers call the Third One the Holy Spirit.
Perhaps what most directly affects us in the Trinity is that

God's love,
like God's knowledge,
is Someone,
not something only.  P

God's Love is Someone
Frank Sheed proceeds in his analysis, in the same book, giving us further insight into The Spirit:-

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