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Musings 2004/185

We remind ourselves that within the Godhead there was already a relation of the Person who was to become the man Jesus to the Holy Spirit.

He proceeded from the Father,
the Holy Spirit proceeded
from him
the Father.

As man he was indwelt and guided by the same Spirit of whom as God,

he was co-producer.  P

So we perceive that The Son proceeds from The Father and that The Spirit proceeds from both Father and Son; that The Son is Truth-personified and The Spirit is Love-personified.
It is an amazing thing about a human being. We can detect that something is true even as we are unable to understand the things fully.
As The Church teaches these wonderful facts about The Holy Trinity we know they are correct, but there is also an element of common sense about this - it is quite rational.
It seems to me to be spot-on.
And The Church also teaches that the Three Persons make up one God-head - one God. The Father is God; The Son is God; The Spirit is God.
There is only one God and only one Will of God and the Three Persons work towards fulfilment of this Will, so that we might say creation exists in The Father, through The Son, by The Spirit.
So, Salvation for creation, for man, is made possible only by the power of The Holy Spirit - by the power of Love.
In that case, it seems to me that The Spirit gives impulse to what The Father has brought forth and to what The Son has designed and given purpose.
In trying to glimpse The Person that is The Spirit, perhaps we might be able to extrapolate something from the glimpses we have of The Father and The Son.
The glimpse we have of The Father is The Immaculate Conception of The Virgin for she is the pinnacle of The Father's work, that which Israel, People of God produced under His direction.
The Virgin represents the Purity-of-existence that is The Father.
The glimpse we have of The Son is The Universal Church which represents Truth that is The Son.
What then is the glimpse we are to have of The Spirit?
I can only think that it will be
a new heaven and a new earth - a new paradise, like Eden. A period of peace for the world where Goodness and Truth flourish by the power of Love.
It seems to me that this
new heaven and new earth will come about because mankind will be return to its original state of perfection - as in Adam and Eve. This new state will provide mankind with full capacity to perceive Truth and in this perception everything will change of course.
It is said in songs that
love changes everything, but in fact so also does Truth change everything. For example, once Truth is perceived then The Universal Church of John Paul II will be immediately observed to be the Church of God - the true religion of God - and that there is no other.
The new understanding of the heavens and the things of earth will mean that everything will appear different for we will see them in the fullness of what they are - rather then seeing only a fraction.
This new human capability can only happen by the removal of the devil and his awful army from creation. This will remove the temptation, blindness and deception that tears at human hearts and souls around the world, leaving the intellect free to see Truth.
P 25 These things have I spoken to you, abiding with you.

  1. But the Paraclete, the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name,
he will teach you all things

and bring all things to your mind,
whatsoever I shall have said to you.  P

John 14.
P 5. In accordance with his own merciful design he saved us,

with the cleansing power
which gives us new birth
and restores our nature
through the Holy Spirit,

shed on us in abundant measure through our Saviour Jesus Christ. P  Titus 3.


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