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Musings 2004/186


I can handle that.
Family Life International
This world-wide organisation, previously known as

Human Life International,  (HLI)

is extremely well known around the whole planet.

Governments, politicians, bureaucrats
and even the man-on-the-street,
are aware of the HLI's (now FLI) fight
for the survival of the unborn human being
in the womb of the mother.

Everyone (you can be sure) involved in the murderous abortion business will know Family Life International well.
Yes, the pro-abortion people know and fear FLI,
very well, indeed.
Any Catholic worth the name, will have heard of and fully support this courageous organisation that defends human life from conception, defending at the same time Catholic teaching involved with

this awful industry
which disposes of millions
of unborn persons
from womb
to rubbish bin
or laboratory
every year!!!

It is most astonishing, then, that we have Father Shothimselfinthefoot claiming complete ignorance of this wonderful organisation.
Not only does he claim ignorance but in the process denigrates - by insinuation and innuendo - this famous and wonderful organisation.
What you say, a Catholic Priest doing this?
Sorry but it's true and this without any subtleness at all, as would be expected from one cunning enough to defame but yet not incur legal recourse.
But is that the only gunshot wound resulting from Shothimselfinthefoot's attack upon Family Life International?
no, he has a double-barrelled weapon, you see.
His self-injuring defamation came about as a result of FLI's effort to promote a petition amongst Catholics requesting the Bishops of Queensland, Australia, to introduce Priests from overseas

(to make up for their failure
in obtaining local Priests.)

These bracketed words are mine - not FLI's.
Anyone with common sense will immediately perceive that this strategy has great merit particularly in two areas of urgency:-

  1. to make up for a lacking of Priests, of course;
  2. to improve the quality of Priests. This would be expected because those countries who produce an excess number of Priests can be expected to be real-Catholic
and so their Priests

can be expected to be real-Catholic,

untainted by post-modernism.
Father Shothimselfinthefoot obviously disagrees with this because his defamation of FLI

was promoted for the prime purpose
of discouraging Catholics
to put their names to the petition!!

What, you say again. What is going on? you ask!
However, I need say no more on this pathetic little matter which, once again, highlights how well named he is and explains the many foot wounds which obviously have more effect upstairs then downstairs.
Indeed a source - which source now seems to me to be unreliable - informs me he would not be surprised if the DADADA (*) gave him the DB (**) for his outstanding contribution to the society's cause.  Thus we would have him addressed as such:-
Fr. Shothimselfinthefoot D.B
I say 'unreliable' 'source' because there seems to be no such thing as DADADA! Nevertheless, I print the implication to highlight the pathetic situation.
Prayers transcend time and space.
When it all boils down, faith is beyond time and space.
Isn't it?
Look at the prayers of The Universal Church.
Time and space are means to an end - are privileged  and dramatic possessions given to us through which we can gain Eternal-life (or eternal-death, should we so choose).
Consider for example that wonderful Catholic prayer -
Prayer before a crucifix -

Behold O kind and most sweet Jesus
I cast myself upon my knees in Thy sight.

Obviously, we who pray this wonderful, sensational prayer place ourselves, in our mind and in our intention, before The Cross of Jesus at Calvary, beside His blessed Mother and the beloved Apostle John and the holy women!
When I first thought about the idea that prayers might transcend time and space I was astonished because I do not accept the science-fiction fantasy of time travel.
On the other hand,

in considering a spiritual time-space-consciousness,
I have come to perceive
that this is not only possible,
but absolutely essential
to the Catholic.

I have published in this column other prayers that clearly indicate that

the spiritual realm is beyond time and space.

Of course it is.
God is beyond time and space and when a person ponders on His marvellous creations

- that is, time and space, -

a person becomes  amazed at this.

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