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Musings 2004/186

How can God create a situation
where there is movement and space?

Looking at the sensational reality of time and space,

we come to realise that these are, in fact,
for they are not found in the Eternal-godhead!

Bearing in mind that God brought forth the universe with Himself as the model, it is astonishing to note that, with regard to time and space, God guaranteed a situation where freewill was available to mankind but this freewill is found

in an environment
totally in reverse
to that of The Godhead!

In realising that time and space are sensations - are creations -  beyond The Godhead in-Eternity - yet of course within The Godhead in-creation,

we are all the more easily persuaded
to the truth
that we are enabled, as human beings,
to place ourselves
in our conscious intention,
beyond the environment of time and space
to wherever The Lord would have
us be.

(And where we would have ourselves be - for our freewill is sacrosanct to God)
And where would The Lord have us be?
The Lord would have us be with Him.

And where is with Him?

With Him is beyond time and space - it is in Eternity where time and space do not exist.

He has created us
and gave us existence
in time and space
so that we might be raised
to a Place
beyond time and space,

that is to say:-

Eternal-life, sharing The very Godhead
that belongs to Jesus The Christ,
Saviour of all creation.

Of the numerous prayers that take us beyond time and space I was presented, today, with yet another such prayer and this prayer prompted me to ponder further on this sensational fact of Catholic life.
This prayer reads as follows:-

P O God, lead us
to that same poor place
where Mary laid her tiny child.
And let us look on in wonder and praise;
make us welcome Him
in all new life. P

How can we look on in wonder and praise unless somehow, we are there!? We can look on in wonder and praise, because we ask God to lead us to that poor place.
There is reality! Reality beyond time and space.
Our super-Pope states (refer page 8 herein):-

History journeys towards Christ
and in him finds its culmination

and I have to ask:- Where is Jesus Christ?
And I have to think the answer is:- Jesus Christ is at Golgotha where He will, if He 'be lifted up', 'draw all things' to Himself, including history. (John 12:32-33)
  P (32  And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all things to myself. 33. (Now this he said, signifying what death he should die.)) P
Tools - Not done by the power of faith.
How wonderful are tools! How would mankind survive without tools? Look at the computer which is, after all, a tool used to achieve an end result. We have aeroplanes and even spaceships, etc. etc. etc.
I have always had great admiration for tools and therefore for the human beings who invented them and following that, for the intellect of mankind in general.
Of late, however, in considering the powers of Jesus Christ and of His great Saints, I have begun to doubt the supreme efficacy of tools.
Do not tools replace our natural ability as depicted by Christ and His Saints?

  1. (17-19) Jesus said to them: Because of your unbelief. For, amen I say to you,
if you have faith

as a grain of mustard seed,
you shall say to this mountain:
Remove from hence hither,
and it shall remove:
and nothing shall be
impossible to you. (Matthew 17)

We do move mountains nowadays but we use massive machines - the great transport tools of today.
But - not done by the power of faith!
We do cure people today but we use precise computerised utensils and equipment housed in huge air-conditioned buildings, employing tens of thousands of doctors, nurses, cleaners etc.
But - not done by the power of faith.
If we consider what Christ and His great Saints have done we will get an idea of the natural ability we have, accessing the power available to us - the very Power of God:- bring the dead back to life; cure all types of illnesses and bodily

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