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Musings 2004/186

ailments, even those incurable ones; change water into wine; move across time and space; prophesise future events; be in more then one place at a time; communicate with the dead; teach and live Truth; teach and live Goodness; teach and live Love - and so on and on.
What tools can do these things?
It is true that tools give us certain, wonderful, wide-ranging and even astonishing powers of achievement that imitate the natural powers possessed by the Children of God.
But I have to say again - this is in


Considering The Christ and the anti-christ, we may draw a parallel to the above considerations.
The anti-christ will imitate The Christ.
He will attempt to do all that Christ did and he will use every available tools of mankind as well as his own spiritual tools, to make him appear to be the saviour of creation.
We see this usage in the past and we see it today, by the fore-runners of the anti-christ.
The anti-christ will use deception and other many false-appearances to actually appear to be good and loving and full of truth, as Christ was.

He will use all means
available to him
for this purpose
and especially will he use
the tools
invented by mankind.

Under these circumstances, that is to say:-

  1. that tools take the place of the innate ability of mankind lost as a result of original sin and as a result of the ongoing sins of each and everyone of us, with two exceptions (Jesus and Mary);
  2. that the devil uses these tools to sway mankind to the deception that man is supreme and has no need of God,
I have come to the conclusion that

tools are not the be-all and end-all
that I had previously assumed.

Yes, as the super-Pope says, we must use all tools available to us in the conflict against evil - to attain Good - but it is wise, I suggest, that we also bear in mind what these tools actually are - replacements for our natural ability.
The new Era of Peace
So, as we approach the fulfilment of the new Era of The Spirit, where our natural ability will again become complete, in imitation of Adam and Eve and as exampled by the miracles of Jesus and His disciples down through the ages,

we will have less and less need for
the tools we have created.

As a result of this contemplation on the tools of mankind, it now seems to me that

these tools were initiated
and/or approved
by the devil.
For the more we relied on tools,
all the more tools
the natural abilities
given to us by God.

Nevertheless, we find ourselves in a world dominated for yet  a short time longer by the devil, and so we are obliged to play the game of life by his rules (to a large extent). Therefore we must use the tools of the world in the promotion of love and gratitude and glory of God.

The devil is quite unable to overpower our freewill
and so we not only have access to the tools of the world
for the sake of Goodness
but we also have
the miracles that come through Faith.

No wonder Christians can not loose!
No wonder Mary and her mighty army of little warriors have triumphed for her adored Son, Jesus The Christ.
When we finally see the emergence in person of
the anti-christ, it now seems that the natural ability of mankind will have been restored and the necessity of a myriad of tools will have disappeared.
What tools will be left for the anti-christ to create his grandiose deception that he is The Christ?
And if the full ability of man is regained with the added capacity given us by Jesus Christ's Infinite Merits, how will it be possible that we are deceived?

P The apostasy must come first;
the champion of wickedness must appear first
destined to inherit perdition.
This is the rebel who is to lift up his head
above every divine name
above all that men hold in reverence
until at last he enthrones himself
in God's temple
and proclaims himself as God.
He will come when he comes
with all Satan's influence to aid him;
there will be no lack of power
of counterfeit signs and wonders. P

It is exceptionally important to note that this champion of wickedness will deceive

P(10)  the souls that are doomed,
to punish them for refusing that
fellowship in the truth
which would have saved them. P

These quotations from St. Paul to the Thessalonians (second letter), repeatedly mention the absolute necessity of embracing Truth when it is presented to them.

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