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Musings 2004/186

The Apostle says for example, that
P (11) he (God) will single out for judgment all those who refused credence to the truth and took their pleasure in wrong-doing. P
Although - when that time of the anti-christ comes - mankind will have regained his original capacities, somehow the anti-christ will not be lacking in

power,  of counterfeit signs and wonders.

And, even  though man's intellect will be easily able to observe Truth, he will still refuse credence to it!
That seems incredible, that mankind will yet again lapse into treachery before his Creator and no doubt it will have much to do with
their pleasure in wrong-doing.
It should not be so incredible however, for we see it everywhere today. We still have the capacity to recognise the facts of a matter, yet we proceed as if we did not.
Take for example instructions from the super-Pope and from his Magisterium. They are clear cut - they are available to all - but what happens?
They are ignored. Catholics turn their backs on their leader, the Vicar of Christ and on those in the hierarchy who support him!!
If He were not God, He would be thinking:
I wasted my effort in giving them an intellect; in giving them an infallible leader; in coming to earth to bring them to Heaven!
Of course, the merciful God does not think that for in fact, His monumental plan for the Salvation of creation is perfectly on track. Indeed, His victory over evil has long been accomplished.
The coming of the anti-christ, as the Apostle states will herald the Second Coming of Christ.

P (8) Then it is that the rebel will show himself;
and the Lord Jesus will destroy him
with the breath of His mouth,
overwhelming him with the brightness
of His Presence. P

The Communion of The Trinity
Communion is perfect, is absolute, in The Father, Son and Spirit - three Persons in the same Oneness, the same Will.
The Three-in-one Godhead mean everything to all creation - its basic fabrics, its basic design and purpose, its energy and balance all of which reflect The Godhead.
Of course.
And so, when considering the Life and Passion of Jesus Christ, we must also consider the Godhead, for Jesus is a Person of The Trinity.

That is to say the Passion of Christ
was personally and totally experienced
not only
by the Second Person of The Trinity
but by all Three Persons, Father, Son and Spirit.

Because Mary was the Mother of Christ and so closely united and devoted to Him, she experienced His Passion as only a mother could. But she experienced His Passion also as Co-redemptrix, for she consciously gave Him up to His Passion - to their Work of Salvation.
More then any other creature did Mary participate in and experience The Passion.
Any compassionate person would share with Mary and  personally identify with the unsurpassed anguish and horror she experienced in offering up her perfect and adorable Son, which she did in total co-operation and obedience with God's Will.
Yet Mary's wonderful and unparalleled unity with Jesus is a mirror of that Unity within the Holy Trinity and so

we might glimpse then, by way of comparison,
the totality of the experience
that The Eternal-father and The Eternal-spirit
shared with The Eternal-son
in His Life and Death.

The Blessed Womb of Mary
There seems to be no limits to the magnificence and the greatness to which God has raised His little handmaid, for the more one considers this Woman of Scripture, the more one realises her great statue before God and before man.
How glorious is the womb of Mary! The womb into which The very Spirit of God brought forth The Saviour; the womb that contained God-made-man; the womb that nurtured, protected and developed Jesus Christ!
The womb that contained Heaven-on-earth.
Luke 1. 
31  Behold thou shalt conceive in thy womb and shalt bring forth a son: and thou shalt call his name Jesus.
41  And it came to pass that
when Elizabeth heard the salutation of Mary, the infant leaped in her womb. And Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost.
42  And she cried out with a loud voice and said: Blessed art thou among women and
blessed is the fruit of thy womb.
Luke 2. 23  As it is written in the law of the Lord: Every male opening the womb shall be called holy to the Lord.
Luke 11. 27 And it came to pass, as he spoke these things, a certain woman from the crowd, lifting up her voice, said to him: Blessed is the womb that bore thee and the paps that gave thee suck.

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