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Musings 2005/187

I adored Him
when He was still enclosed in My virginal womb
like a little seed,
and I loved Him, I nourished Him,
I gave Him growth,
giving Him My very own blood
and My very own flesh.

I adored Him after His birth, contemplating Him in the manger of a poor and unadorned Cave.

I adored My God in the child Jesus,
in the growing adolescent,
in the young man leaning over His daily work,
in the Messiah
who fulfilled His public mission.

I adored Him when He was rejected and put aside, when He was betrayed, abandoned by His own people and denied.

I adored Him
when He was condemned and despised,
when He was scourged and crowned with thorns,
when He was led to the scaffold
and crucified.

I adored Him beneath the Cross in an act of suffering which no words can tell, and while He was taken to the Sepulchre and placed in His Tomb.
I adored Him after His Resurrection when He appeared first of all, to Me, in the splendour of His glorious Body and in the light of His Divinity.
Beloved sons, through
a miracle of love which you will be able to understand only in Paradise,

Jesus has made you the gift
of remaining always in your midst
in the Eucharist.  P

So says The Mother in her locution to Father Gobbi - August 21st. 1987.
Thank you for that, Mother.
Obedience is the alternative to every evil since creation began.
Disobedience is the root of every evil ever committed - disobedience is the seed that began in Eden and has thrived ever since extrapolating into every type of mental, physical and spiritual pain.
Yet the modernists and now the post-modernists embraced disobedience with fervour and insistence.
874 Christ is himself the source of ministry in the Church. He instituted the Church. He gave her authority and mission, orientation and goal: In order to shepherd the People of God and to increase its numbers without cease,

Christ the Lord
set up in his Church
a variety of offices
which aim at the good of the whole body.

The holders of office, who are invested with a sacred power, are, in fact, dedicated to promoting the interests of their brethren, so that all who belong to the People of God . . . may attain to salvation. [389]  P
The Church is the mystical Body of Christ and

obedience to The Church
is obedience to Christ.

This fact has either escaped the attention of the post-modernists or they have deliberately turned their backs on this essential knowledge.
Not only have their erred in this one way or the other, but they have multiplied their disgrace and scandal by spreading their muck across the planet. We can still see the offending results in and out of The Church as the post-modernists cling to their apostasy with stubborn blindness.
The continued blatant disobedience of the modernist remnant is, however, being surely if slowly curtailed by the super-Pope and his Magisterium. High-ranking post-modernists are being replaced one by one.
And God have mercy on them as they are

replaced by true Apostles of these times.

Education of the tens of millions of Catholics who have been misled by them, is taking place in numerous dioceses - refer for example the teaching of Bishop Aquila, page 2 herein.
The primate of Australia Cardinal Pell, both in Melbourne and Sydney, has initiated numerous actions to rid The Church of the falsehood of modernism; great leader that he is.
However modernism was always doomed to failure just as all apostasies and heresies are so doomed. Not only because Christ Himself can not be defeated -

He won the battles
and the entire conflict
on Golgotha

- and not only because The Church has the infallible guidance of the Pope and the Bishops united to him, but the Faithful themselves will not fail.

P93 "By this appreciation of the faith,
aroused and sustained
by the Spirit of truth,
the People of God,
guided by the sacred teaching authority (Magisterium),. . .
receives. . . the faith,
once for all delivered to the saints. . .
The People unfailingly adheres to this faith,
penetrates it more deeply with right judgment,
and applies it more fully in daily life."[56]  P

From this quotation of The Catechism of The Catholic Church  and, indeed, from the great Truths found throughout this monumental book, it is easy to understand why the post-modernists refrain from using this wonderful book or promoting it - the book teaches real-Catholicism, something modernists have long ago rejected.

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