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Musings 2005/188

George W. Bush

One of my regular customers gave me a glimpse of his moral attitude when he described a pornographic magazine as his 'bible'.
On this, he knew where I stood and so we remained on talking terms in spite of the gulf between our moral views.
He later proclaimed to me another aspect of his character when he stated that

Bush was the worst terrorist in the world.

He dismissed Ben Ladin as the terrorist the world has to be worried about and he pointed to Bush as that particular peril!!
From the numerous aspects of his character, which he willingly revealed to me over a period, I was not really surprised, I suppose.
His astonishing statement, that he thought Bush was a terrorist, was bad enough but to point to President Bush as the ultimate terrorist on the planet!!
His incredible statements did not trouble me too much, for too long, because I felt that he had a totally opposite outlook on life to my own, particularly on a religious and moral plane.
Still, I wondered where he got his information from.
But then, when a few real-Catholics hint that they have a similar attitude, I was really astonished - and remain so.
Of course, these real-Catholics did not express themselves as hard-core activists as did this particular gentelmen but it highlights a worrying aspect of an anti-Bush phenomena because they must have reached their same conclusions from a completely different life-environment.

Which makes this anti-Bush 
and anti-American campaign
all the more wide-spread
and all the more astounding.

If these same people had attacked Clinton in the same manner I could have better understood their determined stand, because Clinton, a socialist, was pro-abortion and generally, forced a socialist attitude on his nation and on all the nations which relied on the USA - bearing in mind that The Church has long ago condemned socialism, as well as abortion.
Astonishingly, I have never heard a single complaint against Clinton and his immoral and anti-life policies.
I have never even had a glimpse of any anti-Clinton campaign!!

But here we have an anti-American campaign
against a President
who is against abortion;
against socialism!

Isn't it so very strange that while Clinton had no personal attraction to Christian theology or Christian philosophy or Christian morality, there was no hate-campaign propagated against him?
Isn't is strange? I repeat.
But, in the case of President Bush who has indicated some pro-Christian attitudes, we have a massive hate-campaign that even goes so far as to point to him as the world's worst terrorist!!
This is hard to believe, from a common sense point of view - not to mention a moral or spiritual view.

It is hard to believe
even from a person
who regards pornography as his 'Bible',
but most surprising
from a real-Catholic.

I well recall when Bush first gained the presidency.

After Clinton, there was real concern
that there would be more of the same.

I received e-mails requesting prayers for Bush - that he gain power in the USA!
This was a world-wide prayer campaign for Bush, a Republican, to gain the number one job in the political world, rather then another socialist of Clinton's ilk.
I recall as the world watched and the election came down to the cliff-hanger voting result in Florida!
Bush got Florida in an incredible manner but even then, the American voters, from all states, registered more votes for the Democratic nominee then for Bush!
Yet Bush won the presidency.
I felt then and I feel the same today, that it was a gift from God that the world was spared another Democrat President of the USA!
But four years later, we had another election - and this was recently - where Bush was opposed by a Democrat who was also a 'Catholic'.
This 'Catholic' candidate was
not opposed to abortion and did not have the morality of a real-Catholic. He followed his party's moral views which had nothing at all to do with Catholic morality - in fact, the reverse!
This recent election campaign, it could be honestly stated, had a distinct moral characteristic and thrust about it. Catholic Bishops spoke out against candidates who were publicly in favour of abortion. The same Apostles of the third Christian millennium directed their Faithful to be careful in their voting decisions and to avoid voting for candidates who were publicly and obviously in opposition to Catholic morality.
Without directly saying so, they nevertheless said
'Don't vote for the socialists'.
The same situation was to be found in other Christian denominations in America where the adherents were strongly urged to consider the moral aspects of the candidates seeking their vote.
The result was an astonishing victory for Bush when all the experts thought the election would be a close one!
And yet again, in this election - as in the previous one - I have to think that God gave the world a relieving grace, keeping the socialists out of the USA government!
There is much more to be said about President Bush and his involvement in Iraq and his involvement elsewhere in the world - about the American military presence in numerous countries around the world. And other situations  - used

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