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Musings 2005/188

against Bush and against America.
I find it quite astounding that some people are not feeling a great gratitude, as do the Iraqi people, that Iraq has moved towards a real democracy and a real freedom and away from the horrifying nightmare of a terrorist dictator.
Instead of perceiving and appreciating these wonderful events, brought about by Bush and America, Bush is, instead, rated as a terrorist!!
Of course, there remain great difficulties in Iraq! It seems true that some American soldiers have gone beyond the pale and treated prisoners like animals and these same soldiers are facing punishment.
Is Bush to be blamed for the criminal acts of soldiers in a combat situation?
He has to answer for it and to rectify the situation but that is no reason to condemn the man.
What about some righteous condemnation of the atrocious acts of the real-terrorists in Iraq!
And so I ask:-

Do these anti-Bush people want Iraq to return
to Sadam's dictatorship?

I can only look at Bush and what I know of him and what his administration has done and is trying to do, and I can only repeat: Thank God we never had another Clinton in the white house.
Deliver us From Evil
How exquisite is the prayer that Jesus Christ gave us - The Our Father! How many times we repeat this momentous prayer over a life-time and still find new and wonderful meaning in the words?
How many people, Popes and Saints, have attempted to teach and explain this prayer.
The Catechism of The Catholic Church puts aside nearly 30 pages of comment of The Lords Prayer!
The Catechism of the Council of Trent puts aside over 110 pages for comment  on The Lord's Prayer!
In the modern Catechism's comment on
Deliver us from evil   it makes it quite clear that 'evil' refers principally to the devil.

P 2851 In this petition,
evil is not an abstraction,
but refers to a person,
Satan, the Evil One,
the angel who opposes God.

The devil (dia-bolos) is 

the one who "throws himself across" God's plan

and his work of salvation accomplished in Christ. P                                                                                       
And as the Catechism states in the previous paragraph:-
P2850 The last petition to our Father is also included in Jesus' prayer:

"I am not asking you to take them
out of the world,
but I ask you to protect them
from the evil one."[163]  P

To be delivered from the devil is to be delivered from the source of all evil and so, to be delivered from the devil, is to be delivered from many, many other consequential evils.

Completely delivered
from the influence of the devil,
man is surely returned
to his original, created wholeness.

Is he not?
Delivered from the oppression and the darkness that the devil delivers upon one and all, man is totally rejuvenated spiritually; mentally; physically.

This has to be
the final requirement
for man to enter fully,
the Era of The Spirit.

For, once man is thus delivered and rejuvenated, he will perceive Truth clearly and with certainty

and so will perceive
that The Universal Church
is the Treasury of Truth -
the foundation and the pillar of The Truth.

Man will perceive the Truth of The Immaculate Conception of the Virgin-mother of Jesus Christ which immaculateness is the perfection reflection of The Eternal-father's Goodness.
Man will perceive the
Truth of The Real Presence, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ in The Catholic Eucharist!
And from Goodness and Truth issues Love - The Spirit of Love.
And so I feel that at this point in time in God's salvation history, the final request and hope of The Lord's Prayer,
Deliver us from evil, is of supreme importance to the whole world and to the 21st. century and beyond.
Raphael, Gabriel, Michael.
For a very long time I have mused on God's greatest Angel.
God has created the whole universe which reflects Himself in so far as its beauty is seemingly unlimited, and its vastness beyond man's measurements.
Too, He has created
man in His own image.
When The Eternal-son took soul and body to become a
Son of Man, He ensured that mankind was and is indeed, a most true image of The Creator.
The Angels are also created in His Own image for they are spirit and have life and beauty and goodness (I speak of the real-Angels, not the diabolical ones).
However, the whole creation in all its variations and spheres of being, even as these so wonderfully reflect The Creator, yet somehow they do not essentially and wholly reflect The Godhead - only certain aspects.

Where is there a creature
that has three persons in one being,
as does The Creator?

Surely God has created such a being? Is it possible that He has not?
It seems to me that God has certainly created such a creature. And if He has, then it is most improbable - impossible - that man has no evidence of such a unique being.

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