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Musings 2005/188

one first must

So, the gift of life is a gift beyond comparison.
I mention this, because

motherhood seems to me
to be the supreme vocation in life.

What greatness, to give life! What better gift can anyone give then to give existence to a person?

What unequalled charity it is
to provide a womb
and nourishment
and patience and suffering
so that new life can be brought forth;
a human being,
a person having body and soul!

The agonies associated with child-bearing and child-birth for the mother, attest to the supreme charity involved in co-operating with God to bring forth a human life!
Women bear the scars of motherhood. They have given up a beautiful body in this work of love; this motherhood!
The only comparison to the glorious work of motherhood is the divine Work of creation itself!
Is it a greater work to overseer a corporation, manage a business or even run a country? Is it a greater thing to build up a huge bank account and attain great power? Is it more worthwhile to avoid the scars left by motherhood and cling to female beauty that much longer?
What is this evil propaganda that pregnancy is a disease or a cancer or the like? What is this great urgency to murder as many human beings in the womb as possible? Or murder them in the process of being born?
What is this trend to take every opportunity to participate in sexual activity but making the greatest effort to avoid the possibility of motherhood?
This all-out attempt to avoid the greatest vocation which is motherhood, must be causing permanent damage physically, mentally and spiritually not only to women but also to men.
The very reason for the marital act, when it all boils down, is to reproduce - to procreate.
Take this basic reason away and the other, secondary reasons for the marital act - expression of love and fulfilment of the marriage encounter - are also thrown out.
This is already happening through the use of artificial contraception.
If procreation was totally eliminated, eventually the marital act would cease altogether; for its main purpose would have been removed and the pleasure which accompanies it - now thought to be the main reason for it - would also disappear.
This again, points to the incomparable greatness of motherhood, the miraculous process by which life is given.
And if we ponder on the Motherhood of Mary and the God-made-man within her exquisite womb, the avenue used by God to bring Salvation to the entire universe, we find the ultimate proof of the superb vocation of motherhood.
Is there a greater title outside of Divinity itself, then
The Mother of God?
It is through motherhood that God gave His Son to creation!
It is through motherhood that God brought forth the most perfect creature in all creation - The Woman, Mary!
It is through motherhood that God provided mankind with the possibility of co-operating in his own Salvation!
It is Mary's Motherhood that gave her the title Co-redemptrix, and in her Motherhood of us all, we are given some share in her Work of Co-redemption.
It is Mary's Motherhood in that she is also our Mother, by which we are brothers and sisters of her adored Son, Jesus Christ.
It is Mary's Motherhood as well as her Immaculate Conception that is the reason she has become the perfect reflection of The Eternal-father!
It has always amazed me that I am so enthralled by the sight of a pregnant woman and I am beginning to understand why - it is because motherhood is so fabulously miraculous in that a human being is being formed within her womb, in co-operation with God Himself, and that that woman is showing proof of her immense charity in that she is giving existence to another person.


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