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Musings 2005/189

The father of Jesus and the husband of Mary has to be amongst the greatest of Saints.

The Universal Church thinks so
because She has named St. Joseph
as Her Patron.

What great honour is paid to St. Joseph, that he is the Patron of The Universal Church? A patron of an organisation implies that he holds a very honoured position, not only in the view of the organisation and of the whole community, but also that he is capable of providing protection and guidance to the organisation. But here we have an Organisation that is the veritable Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, the pillar and foundation of The Truth; the dispenser of the Sacraments; the creator of the Priests of Christ; the Mother of Christians.
So to be Patron of The Universal Church is a position of such honour as to have no parallel in all creation. And there is only one Patron of The Church -Joseph.
Yet Joseph is more then that even, for he is a member of the Holy Family - Jesus, Mary and Joseph -

which is the perfect reflection
on earth
of The most Holy Trinity.

This reflection of The Trinity places Joseph in an extraordinary light before God and before man, joining him with The Christ, The Son of The Living-god and with Mary, The Woman of Scripture, Mother of The Christ and Queen of Heaven!
This becomes even more extraordinary when we consider that Jesus reflects perfectly The Second Person of The Trinity - of course - simply because He IS that Person and that Mary, in her Immaculate Conception and Motherhood of The Son, perfectly reflects The Eternal-father.
That implies that Joseph then
reflects, in creation, The Eternal-spirit!
It even implies that he perfectly thus reflects The Spirit of Love on earth! It seems so to me and if so,

Joseph becomes ultra important
to every person in the world
and to the whole world,
for we have entered into The Era of The Spirit!

And if we have entered into this Era then it is of paramount importance that Joseph be recognised in his dignity and in his stature before God. If Joseph perfectly reflects The Spirit of God,

then Joseph will he intimately involved
in our entering into the new Era
and in the fulfilment of this Era.

In fact, it would seem that we - the children of Mary, the realCatholics - must recognise Joseph in the glory God has given him, before The Era of The Spirit is manifested to all of the world.
In recognising St. Joseph in these marvellous ways (and there are many other wonderful things to be said about this unique, exquisite person) we have to realise that the Holy Family is made holy for the sole reason that
The Son of God was a member thereof

The glories of Mary
are made possible, therefore,
only through The Infinite Merits
of her adored Son, Jesus The Christ.

And in turn,
the glories of Joseph

are made possible
only through his adored Son, Jesus,
but also through his most-pure wife Mary,
The Mother of his Son.

And this has to be the case, for this reflects the actuality of The Holy Trinity where The Son issues from The Father and The Spirit issues from them Both.
On earth, Mary, reflecting The Eternal-father, gave issue to Jesus, The Eternal-son, and from them both issues Joseph in his chastity and human perfection.
In this magnificent manner, in a world dominated by deception, hatred and evil, God raised up in full view of all creation the Holy Family, Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
Of course, it is not possible for the Holy Family to be a
perfect reflection of The Blessed Trinity, One Eternal Being - where the Holy Family is made up of three beings. Yet, these three beings make up one family.
Nor are the three Persons of the Holy Family equal amongst themselves, for Jesus excels and below Him, Mary excels.

Under them Joseph excels,

'However, from a physical view of creation it remains so, that there is a perfect reflection of The Trinity, and if this is the case, then how does Joseph perfectly reflect The Eternal-spirit?
Joseph was not miraculously conceived as was Mary, but it must be a good probability that Joseph was sinless throughout his life.
6. Holiness and dignity of St. Josepg
From the sixteenth century there has been a growing consensus among theologians about the outstanding holiness of Saint Joseph. Today it can be affirmed that it is the common teaching of the Church that
Joseph occupies a very special place
in heaven,
because of his exceptional holiness,
that is second only to the place occupied by the Mother of God. In his encyclical letter Quamquarn pluries, Leo XW wrote: Joseph... indeed was the husband of Mary and the father as was supposed, of Jesus Christ. From this arise all his dignity and grace, holiness and glory ... There can be no doubt that more then any other person he approached that

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