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Musings 2005/189

supereminant dignity by which the Mother of God is raised far above all created natures ...
Joseph alone stands out
in august dignity

because he was the Guardian of the Son of God by divine appointment. (28)

Author: Michael D. Griffin, O.C.D. Title: St. Joseph: A Theological Introduction Larger Work: Cahiers de Josephologie
The author goes on to study what the great Pope, Leo XIII, said in this marvellous proclamation. He asks the particular Question:

P But, what is more pertinent to this study of ours, does this mean that Joseph is also higher in dignity and holiness that the angels?
Leo does not explicitly say this, but he certainly supplies the premise from which such a conclusion can legitimately be drawn.

Pins X1 in his characteristically
incisive and clear language
dispelled any doubt that might still linger
when he wrote:
between Joseph and God we do not see,
and we can not see,

great men and women in specific arenas.
For example we have the great St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas, lights for the world in theology and philosophy.

But here, we have John Paul II who is their equal!

We have had Saints, such as the great and wonderful St. Vincent Ferrer whose preaching moved thousands upon thousands of people wherever he went.

But here, we have John Paul 11 who is their equal!

We have had doctors of The Church, such as St. Gregory the Great and St. Basil the Great, whose writings and actions moved the world.

But here, we have John Paul II who is their equal!

We have had Fathers of The Church who helped mould this Mystical Body of Jesus Christ.

But here, we have John Paul II who is their equal!

We have had Saints who appealed especially to women and other especially to men; others specially to children. others to the suffering, etc..
But here, we have John Paul 11 who is
the equal of all of them, appealing to everyone, young, old, healthy, disabled, men, women!
Great Popes we have had, Saints, Doctors, Fathers - men of astonishing greatness but here, we have John Paul II
who is their equal!
Whether you consider the great Prophets and Patriarchs of the Old Testament or the New Testament, here we have John Paul II who is their equal!
We have had great Saints, men and women, who appealed to specific nations or cultures, but here we have John Paul II, who is their equal - men and women who appealed to this religion or that, but here we have John Paul II who appealed to all of them!
John Paul II has lead The Church and the whole world over the past 26 years through the last quarter of the century given over to the devil.

He has kept The Church intact.
He has prepared us for the New Era of The Spirit.

He can be compared to Moses who led the Chosen People through all sorts of dangers - bodily and spiritual - to the Promised Land - where our super-Pope lead The Chosen People through the most dangerous and evil desert the world has ever seen - a demonic desert known as modernism.
He has brought The Universal Church through this period of extreme danger to the New Era of Peace.
Like Moses, he reached the destination but was not able to fully enter, being called up to God

Life After JP2

The post-modernists are now expecting - and no doubt are making every effort to obtain - a false pope for such a Pope is the only kind that will fall in line with their anti-Catholic programme - their anti-God programme.
However, that seems to me to be out of the question as JP2 has appointed the majority of Cardinals who have the right to vote in the new Pope.
And in any case, if the correct procedure is followed
it is not possible

to elect a false pope.

A false pope can only occupy the Chair of Peter by being criminally installed.

For the Pope, properly elected, regardless of who he is, becomes the Vicar of Christ and so, incapable of teaching or allowing falsehood

to enter the Treasury of Truth that is possessed by

The Universal Church.

So, 1 expect that we will have yet another Pope of greatness just as we have had in recent centuries - great and wonderful

anyone except Mary
with her divine motherhood"

Here we have an incredible pronunciation, indeed! Quite astonishing, in fact.
For myself, it seems that the great Archangel Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, must occupy a position most unique in Heaven and in creation .....That most saintly Pope Pius Xl, in his inner vision
between Joseph and God, could this be a vision between earth and Heaven, only?

Michael D. Griffin goes on with regard to the extraordinary stature of St. Joseph in even suggesting that this Saint of Saints could well have been assumed into Heaven!!
P" 8 St. Joseph assumed into heaven?

Theologians have raised the question of Saint Joseph's assumption into heaven. Was Joseph granted the privilege of being taken to heaven in body as well as in soul? Many theologians have based their belief in the resurrection of Joseph into heaven on the words of Saint Matthew:
"Many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep arose;
and coming forth
out of the tombs
after His resurrection,
they came into the holy city

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