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Musings 2005/189

and appeared to many" [32].
There is not unanimous agreement among the exegetes that this text can be used as a real proof of his assumption. Nevertheless, there are some noted scholars who have made

the claim that those who rose at that time
died no more
and rose to heaven with Christ.

Some of them think Joseph must certainly have been one of this group; and there are not lacking strong reasons for thinking this must be so. On May 26, 1960 Pope John XXIII in his homily for the feast of the Ascension of Our Lord made a statement that

the Assumption
to Saint Joseph
is worthy of pious belief

(cosi piamente noi possiamo credere). He also stated that he believed the same privilege was accorded to Saint John the Baptist [33]. This is the first time that a Pope has ever made a public statement on the subject and the fact should offer great reassurance to those who feel it would be contrary to their religious sentiments to imagine Christ refusing Joseph this crowning grace.
Pope John's words are a guarantee that such a belief is truly prudent and therefore can no longer be classified as a "pious exaggeration".  P

These most amazing statements give us much to think about, but the implications are that Joseph reached a high perfection before God and man and so it is eminently probable that he was a sinless man (other then original sin which is possessed by all except Jesus and Mary).
John Paul 11

Everything the super-Pope said and wrote was of Truth and vitality and I suppose I got used to reading his astonishing documents which became almost something common.
Over the past few days as it seemed certain that the super-Pope might be making his way to Heaven, suddenly what he wrote resumed its astonishment for me.
And now that he has died, his words will become of even greater importance.
For in this super-Pope we have a Saint beyond our comprehension and 1 know that the future will see him as an almost impossible figure on the world stage - so great a stature will they find him to have had - and will consider we who lived with him in the world, as the most fortunate, the most happy, of people!

If we look at the great Saints we will observe that they were Priests of Christ, without exception.

That being the case, when the post-modernists find that the new Pope will not accept their heretical doctrines, I believe that that fact will abruptly put an end to their era of deception. Beauty!!
The century given over to the devil, the 20th. century, is over anyway - the modernists have had their day! Already they have overstayed their allotted time!
Perhaps the post-modernist remnant will attempt to create a schism, all else having failed!
But it is too late for that too, and if they have the insight to realise that such an attempt would all the quicker, with all the more finality about it, remove them totally and ignominiously from existence, they would find it preferable to quietly fade away.
It is too late for a schism because even in backward places like Queensland where they might even get a majority of Parishes to follow them into deception, that would be only temporary.
The modernists have done too good a job and the cafeteriaCatholics and those educated to become non-Catholic or nonreligious, have already fallen away, in the main. I believe that even in Queensland,

the majority of those
who still call themselves Catholic
really do not want to be separated
from The Church,
from the Pope.

In a schism, once it dawns upon these people that they have been swindled of their Catholic inheritance, they will quickly turn back to Peter and the good Bishops who have remained at his side.
Further, the current Priests and Bishops who would join such a schism would be isolated where now they hide amongst their fellow Brothers in the Priesthood.
Once they stand alone against The Universal Church, they will be seen

by all,

not just the real-Catholics, for what they are!
Good Bishops and Priests would quickly - very quickly - fill their shoes.
The same with the 'Catholic' education system - if sections (or even if all of it went to the side of the deceivers, again they would be isolated from The Church.

What a wonderful opportunity, then, for the good replacement Bishop
to completely reconstruct
the Catholic education system
in such plates as Queensland
where it is so urgently needed.

Once again our Catholic schools would teach Catholicism in its magnificent fullness and, in a very short period, Priests, Brothers and Nuns, would emerge from it, revitalising The Church in every way.
With the incredible wave of grief and love for the super-Pope John Paul 11, it is possible that even the post-modernists will realise a schism is suicide for them!
So, if they insist on a schism I, for one, will not be objecting.
The End of an Era
When Sister Lucia went to Heaven I thought then, that an era had passed, but 1 had forgotten about our super-Pope who was not only a part of that era but he was THE leading light.
Now that he too, has taken his place in the highest Heaven, I think we can now say,
indeed we are at the end of an era.
And, as I mention, it is the end of an era for the modernists, too.

I have often wondered why God has allowed the supporters of the devil - the modernists and the post-modernists and their allies - to continue into the 21st. century, when in fact, their time was gone.

And it now seem to me
that their time was stretched a little
but so was the time
of the super-Pope!

All the more devastating will be their defeat! How could we have done without John Paul II over the past five, ten or twenty years? This possibility does not bear thinking about!
It can well be presumed that in the century given over to the devil, where The Universal Church still flourished when three quarters of the century had gone, the devil would become more and more aggravated.
So, the more aggravated he became, the more effort he spent all over the world in spreading his artillery - death,

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