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Musings 2005/190

Super Pope

It seems hard to believe that we have lost John Paul II.

It also seems incredible
that he must be,
that he has to be,
one of the great men
of all time.

I have always felt this, and now at his demise I still feel it, but the feeling has become more pronounced, more concrete, more astonishing!
Yet God must have chosen such a man - that is, one of the great men of human history - because of the era in which we lived during his pontificate;

the final years of the devil's century!

In the face of modernism: in the face of a materialistic world and in the face of a sceptical humanity,

this Pope chose Totus Tuus for his logo.

This is truly a taunt and a signal of triumph to his enemies, the devil and his minions.
The taunt hit home, the triumph was challenged and the enemy came out in force against this super-Pope, in every subtle way - in every brutal way.
The assassin's attempt on his life; the treachery within the ranks of The Church's hierarchy; the open rebellion of 'theologians' and other men and women of academia; the shameless revolt of many, many Priests, and of vast numbers of Nuns and Brothers; the awful and disruptive disobedience of innumerable people who claimed the name 'Catholic'; the total blatant inaction and non-recognition by many, Bishops down to laity, with regard to the super-Pope's instructions, guidelines and pleas - as well as those of his Magisterium!
And his enemies had plenty of practise in these forms of warfare against Goodness, Truth and Love - they had perfected this anti-art over millenniums but had especially perfected it in the 20th. century.
What a cross this Pope had to carry!
But he did carry that cross.
His appeal was to the ordinary Catholic everywhere. His appeal was to the ordinary citizen everywhere.

While so doing, he did not,
in the least,
compromise in anything Catholic.

He always taught devotion to the Blessed Virgin and to the Saints.

He never ceased to demand adherence
to the Truth
that Catholicism possesses,
and to teach adherence to ALL
of the seven Sacraments
instituted by Christ.

He did not relinquish in any way,

the infallibility of the Vicar of Christ
and in the process,
proved the truth
of this common-sense belief.

He never failed to support the teachings of his predecessors from the first Pope, Peter, onwards.

He pointed
to the Real Presence of Christ
in the Eucharist.

He pointed always to things of the spirit.
His enemies must have been dumbfounded when this Pope of simple Faith, clinging to Catholic Tradition and to the Second Vatican Council, sliced through their attacks and their armaments, like a hot knife through butter.
Even when he became ill and his speech was broken and his actions were painful and awkward, to the point of embarrassment, even then, he drew the multitudes to him and confounded his enemies!
Even while his enemies had power
in the mass media and in governments! in international organisations such as the United Nations and the NGOs! in the secret societies and in new age and satanic cults! in the fanatical core of 'liberation' movements such as the homosexual and the women's! in the power-brokers -

indeed, his enemies could be said
to rule the world
for all intents and purposes!

The super-Pope said

No worries, mate,

and with peace and good-will, with love for his enemies, he bared his soul and the Soul of The Church.
And on his death-bed and at his funeral the world has

pronounced its judgment
between the super-Pope
and the devil,
who is now out for the count.

The Eternal-referee has begun the count of ten as He welcomes His Own Vicar to his side.
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven ...
What is there to say but

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