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Musings 2005/190

thank-you, John Paul II;
thank you, Mary, for your little son, the Pope;
thank You, God
for this super-Saint.

What greater Gift can a person have then to have - The Truth?
The Truth about God and about His creation - The Truth about the past, present and the future - The Truth about why we exist and about suffering and death; about evil and sin; about Goodness; about Love.
The Truth is Jesus Christ.
He is The Word of God, that is to say, He issues directly from The Father, in eternity, as His Divine-reflection - The Son of God.

And The Word of God
literally means:
The Truth of God,
does it not?

Truth is so exceptionally and absolutely important and provides the answer to the following question: Why will a person be condemned to the eternal despair, frustration and ugliness of hell?

Because he refuses
that fellowship in the
which would have saved them.
(2Thessalonians 2:10)

He will single out for judgment

all those who refused credence to the

St. Paul further says that

God has picked you out
as the first fruits in the harvest of salvation
by sanctifying your spirits and convincing you
of the truth.

The great Apostle proclaims the absolute priority of Truth by pointing out the alternative which is deception, for he states, (talking about the anti-christ):-

there will be no lack of power
of counterfeit signs
and wonders.

Having proclaimed Truth as essential, he reinforces his argument by stating the obvious alternative: that deception is disastrous; it is counterfeit.
And St. Paul hammers home his obvious claim that Truth is absolutely essential by further pointing out the dangers of deception, of anti-truth:-

his (the anti-christ's) wickedness
will deceive the souls
that are doomed.

The above quotations are taken from 2 Thessalonians 2.
It is a most simple thing to realise that Truth is what every sane person on the planet searches for. Even the spiritually insane, knowing the eternal value of Truth, will promote his deceptions
as being true.
He is not that insane as to promote his deceptions as deceptions, is he?
So even the deceivers know the value of Truth and that every person on the planet wants The Truth. That is why he promotes his deception as Truth!
Love is not greater then Truth!
Jesus stated in John's Gospel: 34  A new commandment I give unto you:

That you love one another,
as I have loved you,

that you also love one another.
35  By this shall all men know that you are my disciples, if you have love one for another.
At first glance Jesus seems to state that the Love between His disciples is the single, greatest virtue Christians can possible have!
But if I might just rephrase Jesus' words a little for the sake of making a point:-

The Truth
of the matter is this,
I give you a new Commandment . etc.

Jesus, in giving His Apostles a new Commandment, is proclaiming a Truth.
Isn't that what the word
Amen means? Doesn't Amen mean:- Yes, it is the Truth!
When we say
Amen, we are saying we totally agree with what has been said.
One might say that every word of Jesus proclaims Truth but Jesus does not specifically say each time he speaks
I am teaching The Truth, because that is taken for granted, just as it is implied that He is not lying!
Many say that Scripture is the
Book of Love and that is true.
Therefore Scripture is also the
Book of Truth.

Is it not amazing
that there is almost no argument
as to whether Scripture is
the Book of Love,
but there is substantial, ongoing
and even vicious debate
about Scripture being
the Book of Truth?

You can't have one without the other!
Can you?

If Scripture is not the Book of Truth
then it must follow
that it is not the Book of Love, either!

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