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Musings 2005/190

How can a book that is not founded on Truth and that does not proclaim Truth in every passage, be relied upon to have any other virtues? Especially as being the Book of Love?

If a book is a book
of untruth, of deception,
then certainly, that book
is not a book of love
but a book of hatred.

Some sciences have an ongoing conflict with The Church about the Truth of Scripture, especially in Genesis, but also in other Books of both the Old and the New Testament.
This conflict comes about because

it is only The Catholic Church
that stands out as the
one Body that proclaims Scripture
as Truth - as Total-truth.

8. After this preliminary account of St. Jerome's life and labours

we may now treat of his teaching
on the divine dignity
and absolute truth
of Scripture.

Raphael, Gabriel, Michael.
Over recent musings I have tried to state what seems to me to be true, that is, that Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, are not three Archangels but are three persons of the one and only Archangel in Heaven, reflecting perfectly The Holy Trinity in creation.
It seemed to me, in this regard, that the original triune Archangel was Satan, Lucifer, Asmodeus, but because of his treachery his reflection of The Holy Trinity abruptly ceased and consequently and God brought forth another triune Archangel who proved absolutely loyal - Raphael, Gabriel and Michael.
In recent
musings I have also tried to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate the greatness of the Patriarch Joseph, Patron of The Universal Church.
In so doing, it became clear that Joseph, in the eyes of Pontiffs and Saints of The Church, is second only to Mary, Mother of The Christ, as regards his statue before God!
This I could happily agree with, Joseph being a member of the Holy Family, father to Jesus, husband to Mary, except I could not perceive him being superior to the triune Archangel!
And of course, the explanation gets back to Jesus, Son of Man, Son of God.
If, as I am suggesting, the Archangel Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, is the perfect reflection of The Godhead in creation, then how can Joseph be of higher statue before God then this
all-resplendent Angel.
It is because Jesus Christ
is, Himself, the Second Person of The Holy Trinity!
That is to say, the Person of Jesus does
not reflect The Holy Trinity, at all - no, He is One of The Holy Trinity. There is no consideration as to reflection for He is That-which-is-reflected.
So, the Archangel is a reflection of God, but Jesus is that God!
That being the case, then Joseph's association in the Holy Family takes on the form of a supreme personage linked precisely and directly to The Second Person of The Trinity.
There is Joseph, a sinless father and husband and there is Mary, Woman, Mother and Queen, and there is Jesus, Creator-made-creature.
Whereas none of the three persons of the triune Archangel is a Person of The Godhead.
That however, does not take anything away from the Archangel, because it can still be stated that amongst all

Raphael, Gabriel and Michael,
reflect most perfectly
The Holy Trinity -
AND is the only creature that wholly does so.

In so considering, I have come to the realisation that Joseph is GREAT and stands supreme only below Mary in the heavenly Court, for Jesus is his Son.
But in this same realisation, I feel all the more, the perfection of the Triune-angel who

excels far above all creatures
and reflects
The Godhead most perfectly
in all creation
in an unparalleled way.

I thirst
On The Cross of Salvation for all creation, Jesus Christ said I thirst.
Did He thirst for water? On the point of death did Jesus cry out for someone to quench a bodily need?
The whole reason that He was on The Cross was because

of His divine determination
to save souls.

This determination and desire was so great that He meekly accepted atrocious agonies and a humiliating death, even as He was Son of God.
P 2560 "If you knew the gift of God!" [7]
The wonder of prayer is revealed beside the well where we come seeking water: there, Christ comes to meet    every human being.

It is he who first seeks us
and asks us
for a drink.   

Jesus thirsts;

his asking arises
from the depths of God's desire
for us.

Whether we realize it or not, prayer is the encounter of God's thirst with ours.

God thirsts

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