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Musings 2005/191

I would think it is
not possible
to absolutely surrender your will to God!

While the devil would probably accept an absolute surrender of a person's will I would think God would not, for

I believe God does not want that.

After all it is freewill that makes a human being worthy of being saved.
If we totally forfeited our wills what is left is something akin to a robot and robots are not found in Heaven.
It seems to me that God
wants each person to cling to his free-will perceiving the Truth of things and aligning his will with that of The Divine Will as a result, thus co-operating with The Creator - which is very sensible and which is, when it all boils down,

the basic measurement of sanity.

Even in Heaven a person retains his freewill and continually renews his will in favour of Goodness, Truth and Love. Man does not become robot-like, losing his freewill, just because he has gained Heaven.
When a person ponders on this free-will it becomes clear that

God has gone to extreme lengths
to ensure that man
really has freewill.

When we consider Christ's Passion we become painfully aware of our freewill - freewill used against The Creator. It was the misuse of our freewill that required The Son of God to become the Man of sorrow, the Man of suffering.
We observe that God did not take away our freewill and save Himself the trouble of bringing Salvation through The Cross. No, God took The Cross in order to provide salvation

and in the process,
to preserve absolutely our freewill.

Indeed, we may still choose to go to hell in spite of The Cross.
The whole of creation and its make-up tell us that our freewill is supreme in God's Eyes for every day each person is faced with a thousand choices.
God has gone to extreme lengths to withdraw Himself from the face of man - in a fashion - to leave man free to find and to love and praise God without coercion. He has created a universe that seems so free of a Creator that evolution seems right to many (in spite of much scientific evidence to the contrary) and atheism is chosen by the same number.
Because we are so occupied by our own operations, our senses tell us that God is very distant.
So determined is God that man has freewill that He allows the greatest affront to Him without destroying man as a failed project.

And the affront is indeed so great
that it draws man
to a permanent separation
from his Creator.

On reading Scripture and the repeated failure of man to correctly use his freewill, we observe again God's constant determination that man remain free to choose. Time and again He sends Prophets and Saints to His people urging them to use their freewill properly for He has wonderful things to give to those who direct their freewill towards Him.
Decade after decade, century after century, God recalls His Mercy and perseveres with a stubborn people, never deciding to take away their freedom.

It is probably the most amazing miracle of creation
that an Almighty Creator
brings forth creatures
who are gifted with total freewill!

It is a great mystery that man has freewill - it is also a tremendous dignity. It is only freewill that makes man so desirable to God that He wants him with Him in Heaven, sharing His Glory and His very Existence with man!!
It would be a complete waste of time for God to raise a being with the greatest beauty and strength and intellect even where he in the image of The Creator in these respects, if that creature had no freewill - a puppet.

Because God's desires to share
His very Being.

Even the devil would not permanently want such a creature! The devil only persuades men to become traitors to The Creator - by misusing freewill - to destroy them and to insult God.
How grand - how wonderful - how exquisite is the freewill of man!
Is there a greater Gift from God?
I set out hereunder a collection of locutions - those used herein - which highlight the glory of man which is his freewill.
PNo, God would have it that His children, all of them, co-operate in their own redemption and in the redemption of all His children (of one another).
All are redeemed in The Mystical Body, The Church; in Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son, yet each and every one must use his
freewill to decide for God - to choose God ...
... in
choosing God they choose redemption
... they act for God
... they obey God
... they become God-like

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