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Musings 2005/191

... they attain eternal delight
... they give eternal delight to Jesus
... for Whom we are all created.' 
There is no prayer or communication but that it is shared. The very Gifts of God to each one is shared amongst all within The Mystical Body of Jesus, The Christ, my adored Son. The rewards for the good use of
freewill and of every action of the mind and body, is shared with all.
One shares the wonders and the delights of all others, too. Yet, the individuality of each is absolutely maintained, for this is the obvious Will of The Eternal-father in giving us each a
freewill and a certain authority and responsibility. Each is a beautiful and exquisite member of The Mystical Body - each member is not able to be replaced in his position in The Body.
Thus The Mystical Body of Jesus, The Christ, is composed of marvellous persons, each exquisite and unique and important and irreplaceable!
And each is bathed in my Immaculate Conception and in this sharing The Mystical Body shares The Goodness of The Father and The Truth of The Son.'
To achieve His Eternal-will, God has given the ultimate gift to all of His creatures ...
... because
freewill is the ultimate thing which will give my children eternal-life
... it is the way of obedience
... and obedience to God is not servitude
... it is co-operation
... it is the way to sharing Divinity.
And of course, it is Jesus Himself Who has shared His Mother with all of the redeemed. Be at ease with this truth. It is vitally important to realise that sharing is what God is all about. Only because He shares, do you exist ...
... do you have abilities
... do you possess
... are you capable of reaching Heaven
... and sharing The Divinity, in Christ.
`Son. Beloved tiny child of mine. Yes, you do belong to me ...
... and I, to you
... and we to Jesus, The Christ my adored Son.
Yet, always do we retain our individual character and
freewill. In the Eternal-presence of The Holy Trinity, we find our permanent home and our decision for God is absolute. However, that decision for God is ongoing.
It is not as though we forfeit our persons or
will ...
... what would be the point of creating us in the first place?
No, God raises us up to a capacity to share in His Divinity. He does not raise us up to swallow us into Himself, but to eternally
be aware of His Goodness, Wisdom and Love and to partake of these.
For sharing is what creation is all about ...
... it being so, that creation issues from God
... that creation receives - it shares
... and has nothing to give back that is not given to it
except its use of freewill.'
Man's only absolute possession, in his own right, and by his own effort ...
... is the great amen
that is, using his freewill
... as God would have him use it.
Let us join together, little warrior of mine, of my Immaculate Conception, and cry out from the very depths of our beings ...
... amen to God
... amen to His Precepts.
Freewill, after all, is a God-like capability and by its exercise towards Goodness, Truth and Love ...
... the child of mine is able to be raised
... to share in the very Divinity
... of Jesus Christ.
Freewill is such a stupendous Gift that its use results in Heaven ...
... or in hell.
It is God's infinite Wisdom that decrees that His Will, will be accomplished through the co-operation of mankind ...
... so that man's
freewill remains totally intact
... for it is this
freewill, so precious, that draws man to share Divinity.
So, the co-operation of my children is totally necessary to achieve God's Will,
... Who works through The Immaculate Conception ...
... Who works through The Church, The Mystical Body of Jesus, The Christ.
Truth will prevail. Beauty will prevail. Love and Goodness will prevail.
And Truth will have set the world free, for Truth is God's Wisdom given to man ...
... for the sake of man's
... so that he is able to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate
... The Godhead
... and God's creation.
The Truth is Jesus Christ, my adored Son and the Truth is in the custody of His Mystical Body on earth,

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