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Musings 2005/191

before it.
There HAS to be a Beginning - a Being that always was and Who is The ultimate and only Source of all things. But the boy persisted in his statement and I could understand his dilemma.
So I said
There are things even in creation with no beginning and no end and this caught his attention. He demanded an example and I drew a circle on the ground.
He was not satisfied with that because he saw where I began and where I finished and pointed to it. I therefore got hold of a cup and stamped it onto the soil forming a circle.
While he accepted that that circle had no beginning or end, I realised that he was still unsatisfied about a Being with no beginning and no end. I understand his questioning of this mystery. Our senses are quite unprepared to grasp it.
However, in musing on the very Nature of God and His Eternal-being, it becomes more and more clear that

the opposite truth is the real surprise.

God certainly has no beginning and no end but he created a universe where everything has a beginning and an end - perceived by the senses.
The enigma then is not that God is infinite, but that everything He created seems to begin from somewhere and seems to end.
It becomes clearer and clearer that

the Normality is God
and the abnormality
is His creation,

because God Himself is the Model for His creation.
When we consider this abnormality as disclosed in creation we ponder on God's Word in Genesis 1:
P 26 And he said:

Let us make man to our image and likeness:

and let him have dominion over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and the beasts, and the whole earth, and every creeping creature that moveth upon the earth. P
Therefore we must accept that we have a beginning but if we are created in His Image, then we are immediately brought to the probability that we will have no end.
Which is precisely what The Church teaches.
The modernists promoted the illusion - and the post-modernists follow suit - that real-Catholics are like the Pharisees of Jesus' day. Modernists point to us as being unbending in our determination to follow Church laws,

causing all sorts of suffering
to everyone
all over the place.

They promote the deception that we are modern-day Pharisees clinging to Church-made laws that are unsuitable to modern-day man. We have no compassion, is what they suggest and we are holding back a new era of freedom of conscience.
They may point to the old law of The Church, as an example, which prescribed that a Catholic must not eat meat on Fridays under pain of mortal sin. They point out that this is now phased out and claim that this is proof of our Pharisaic lack of charity.

What, they might cry out in pure sarcasm,
it was a mortal sin then
but now it is not?

Like all deceptions that they promote, the modernists are yet again in complete error in this accusation that we are modern-day Pharisees.
In the example quoted about Friday abstinence, The Church has not changed the requirement of abstinence at all, but has merely allowed each Catholic to choose what he might abstain from. I continue to abstain from meat on Fridays - it is easy, it is simple, it is healthy.
Thank you Mother Church.
But the accusation that we are Pharisaic is another matter altogether and as usual, with the modernist apostasy, the answer is simple and clear.

As always,
these apostates claim that the real-Catholics are
what they, themselves,

When we look into the matter closely, we observe that the Pharisees of Jesus' day chose to ignore God's Commandments, as Jesus pointed out, and instead manufactured their own burdensome laws.
Let us remind ourselves that The Church is The Mystical Body of Christ and that the Pope is the Vicar of Christ and that the Pope has infallible authority as does he and his Bishops, as a united communion of Apostles, being part of the Pope's Magisterium.
Therefore we Catholics must observe the commandments of the Pope and his Magisterium as being commandments of Jesus, Himself. This requirement is confirmed by the second Vatican Council and is an unchanged requirement that began over 2,000 years ago.

In accepting this simple fact,
we then clearly perceive
that it is the modernists and the post-modernists
who are the modern-day Pharisees,
not we Catholics at all,
for they reject the commandments of The Church
and bring in their own man-made laws.

They refuse obedience to Church liturgical requirements and replace them with their own impious, theatrical innovations and novelties.
They dismiss The Church's most definite requirement that all Catholics must have an
informed conscience, and they promote an uninformed conscience!! And to add to this awful deception, they then promote that everyone must follow their conscience (that is to say follow their uninformed conscience).
They turn millions of people, adults and children, away from The Church and The Truth found in Her, by their Pharisaic demands.

The modernists understand quite well

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