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Musings 2005/191

that men and women need definite guidelines
not hairy-fairy novelties
in their quest for a successful
spiritual way of life.

And when they promote disobedience to The Church and replace Church discipline with their own fault-ridden, unfulfilling laws, they know full well that this will result in massive defections from The Church.
In this, how well they have done! They have held back The Universal Church's progress in history 100 years.
While the Pharisees of Jesus' day were far too demanding, the modernist 'Pharisees' of today have learnt a lesson and, while being absolutely demanding in their own mischievous prescriptions on the one hand, for the faith community, they are all to ready, on the other hand, to approve any action whatsoever in the personal lives of those unfortunate enough to succumb to their deceptions - if it is politically correct or is in accord with one's conscience (both actions being directly opposed to The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church).
Over the years I have found many awful but
meaningful thoughts installed within my brain by the modernist propaganda, many of which I have mentioned in these columns. And this is yet another deception that at first glance, seemed to have some substance!
But like all modernist
meaningful teachings and their deceptive dogmas, their very own words and actions highlight their heretical position in The Church and in history.
How gratifying it is that
modernism in all of its awful, innumerable forms, is now a defunct thing; a dead thing; a corpse awaiting burial.
Let the burial begin.
Was Mary an Ignorant Peasant Girl?
This is the intellectual opinion of some 'theologians' - that Mary was a rough, unattractive, uneducated peasant girl of Israel, being the norm for females in those days.
I have mentioned before that these 'theologians' don't seem to take any account of what Scripture says e.g. the Magnificat, in which Mary reveals a great knowledge of the Hebrew Faith and an intelligent, poetical way of expressing it.
Mary was 'full of Grace' when the Archangel asked her to become The Mother of The Messiah. She was sinless and as The Church confirms she was, from conception, immaculate.
Of course, she was.
This seems to me to provide a proof that Mary was not only intelligent but

more intelligent then anyone - by far - 
since Adam and Eve
who were also created immaculate.

Not having, or ever had, any trace of sin upon her being, one would presume that she possessed her full faculties and capabilities, not only in her intelligence but in her body and soul as well - that is to say, Mary would have been the most intelligent person to have ever graced the earth.
And the most beautiful - in body and soul.
Where Adam and Eve released themselves from their original perfection, Mary did not.
However, looking elsewhere in Scripture we observe that the Holy Spirit, at Pentecost, descended upon the Apostles and they were transformed. Suddenly, they became spiritual giants able to express themselves in a fashion that amazed everyone.

P 26 But when the Paraclete cometh,
whom I will send you from the Father,
the Spirit of truth,

who proceedeth from the Father, he shall give testimony of me. PJohn 15. 
The Spirit is the
Spirit of Truth. Therefore when The Spirit came upon the Apostles they were filled with The Truth - the testimony of Jesus.
But - long before then, some 34 years, The Holy Spirit came upon Mary.
Are we to suppose that The Spirit came upon Mary and did nothing else but bring about Jesus' conception within her womb?

This seems most unlikely
because that which The Spirit placed
in her precious womb,
was Truth-personified!

Even before The Spirit overshadowed Mary, she was full of grace, and it is difficult - most difficult - to think that, having received The Spirit of Truth, Mary was an uncouth peasant girl of poor intelligence and lacking in comeliness!!

Indeed to think that Mary
was anything less
then a living Saint, from conception,
perfect in body, soul and person,
having the greatest possible capacity and ability
in every conceivable way,
as is maximally possible for a creature of God,
is what is the difficult thing!

The Our Father
The Prayer of Jesus has to be sensational in every way. And of course, it is.
Jesus instructs us to pray - for example -
Thy Will be done on earth and it is in Heaven.
If He instructs us to pray thus, then we may assume that the event prayed for

is not only possible for the world,
but indeed, it is
what is to happen!

That being the case, then we perceive that

the Our Father
is a prayer of prophecy.

Therefore, when we pray the Our Father we must then be proclaiming the current and future events of human history!

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