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Musings 2005/191

It being so intriguing a consideration, I thought I'd have a go at setting out the future for humanity based on the Our Father.
In trying to find a starting point, it becomes obvious that all of the prophecies of the Our Father are already present to a certain degree, for, for example, there are a great many people
on earth who do God's Will. In The Universal Church, as well, we already find The Kingdom has already come.
Yet, we must presume that the fullness of these prophecies has yet to eventuate.
I would then suggest that we should begin with:-
Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.
I put this prophecy as number one because that is where our separation from God began - with sin; with trespass.
It would seem appropriate therefore that God would perform the impossible (impossible to us) and bridge the chasm between mankind and God caused by our
trespasses - which He has, through Jesus in His Passion and Cross. Through Jesus' Passion God did forgive us our trespasses - completely, past present and to come.
That time in Salvation history has to be the explosive force that thrust creation into the Era of Truth, for Christ is Truth.
The next procession, it seems to me, is:-
Give us this day our daily Bread.
Having been thrust into the Era of Christ, it stand to reason that He would provide us with strength and sustenance to maintain this thrust. This Strength and Sustenance can be nothing less then The Eucharist, wherein Christ makes Himself available from generation to generation, through the power of the Catholic Priesthood. He comes to us as
And I think we are at the point in Salvation history where Christ's next prophecy will be fulfilled:-
Deliver us from evil;
which as The Church teaches, has the prime meaning of delivering us from the evil one - the
devil; the serpent; the red dragon.
Once we are delivered from the evil one, then we know another gigantic step has been taken, such a gigantic step in fact as to point, surely, to a new era in Salvation history.
This must be so, for to have removed the evil one from creation, we must surely return to a veritable Garden of Eden where there is a new Adam (Jesus Christ) and a new Eve (Mary, His blessed Mother).
We perceive this new Adam in The Universal Church, the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ, and we perceive this new Eve in The Immaculate Conception who is Mary, reflecting the Goodness of The Eternal-father.
This veritable Garden of Eden surely must be the
new heavens and the new earth promised in sacred Scripture.
In this new Era - which can only be the Era of The Spirit, for creation has experienced already the Era of The Father and the Era of The Son - then we might assume:-
(4) that we will no longer be lead
into temptation.
With no tempter to haunt us - and living in a
new earth and new heavens - mankind must re-assume his fullness of being, given originally to Adam and Eve. But the new fullness of being will excel that of our First Parents, for the simple reason that creation has had, and has learnt from, the incredible and awful experience of evil - of the evil one - and because we now have The Universal Church and The Immaculate Conception as our guarantees of a higher perfection.
While a new evil will arise in this Era, this will come forth from within mankind, out of pride, just as the angels rebelled, and not from an external tempter.
But in spite of this new evil the Faithful will:-
(5) do God's
Will on earth as it is done in Heaven.
The Universal Church will be spotless, will be immaculate - will not
trespass in the new Garden of Eden - will remain faithful to the end, without blemish.

Rev. 21. P   2. And I, John, saw in my vision
that holy city
which is the new Jerusalem,
being sent down
by God from Heaven,
all clothed in readiness like a bride
who has adorned herself to meet her husband. P
P  27. Nothing that is unclean,
no source of corruption or deceit
can ever hope to find its way in;

there is no entrance but for those who names are written in the Lamb's book of life. P
Even as we have such a holy city, Meanwhile the wrong-doer must persist in his deeds of wrong, the corrupt in his corruption (Rev. 22:11) for there is No room there for prowling dogs, for sorcerers and wantons and murderers and idolaters, for anyone who loves falsehood and lives in it. (Rev. 22:19)
Between the
holy city and the prowling dogs led by the champion of wickedness (2Thess. 2:3) the final battle for the souls of mankind will occur and this will be the impulse for Christ's Return and so:-
Thy Kingdom will have come.
Dignity of Man - His Person
While the final glory of man will be judged on the use of his astonishing gift of freewill, his dignity comes originally from the fact that he is the image of his Creator.
image is most sensational, because it means that we are like Christ, Son of God.
Jesus calls Himself the
Son of Man so that we might comprehend that He is definitely a man, a creature. He is a creature like us because we are in the image of God - yet Jesus is God - He is The Person of The Son.
So it is His Person that is God.
He took a soul and body like ours - created things.
Therefore it is the person of each man and woman that is truly in the
image of God.
That means that the person of each man and woman is a perfect reflection of the Person of Jesus Christ, which Person issued directly from The Eternal-father in eternity.
This is quite astonishing because that means that the person of each issues directly from The Eternal-father - from eternity - but in creation.
But the Person of Jesus is the Father-knowing-himself, the Word, the Truth, and so the person of each man has to be the Father-knowing-that-man. In that case, the person of each is immortal.   

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