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Musings 2005/192


A prayer for divine blessing.
So explains the dictionary as to the meaning of 'benediction'. It further states:- A Roman Catholic service in which the congregation is blessed with The Sacrament.
(This latter explanation would be a surprise to young Catholics across Australia.)
On this matter, a friend of mine from the U.S.A. stated:-

The passing of our beloved Pope (i.e. John Paul II)
was as perfect as possible,
and now the period
of the Benediction
has indeed begun
....the new era shows itself,
setting a stage in all it's detail
...our Lord is a most wondrous
stage director,
subtle, and yet just enough drama
to make His point

It came as a surprise to me that benediction probably came from the name Benedict, one of Catholicism's great Saints.
This year, being the Year of The Eucharist  (virtually unknown in my Parish in Queensland)  could it be that Benedict XVI, our new Pope, will be a
divine blessing for The Church and therefore, for all mankind?

Could it be that this divine blessing
will come about through The Sacrament?

If so,

could it be that this divine blessing
will come upon the world
during the Year of The Eucharist,
the year that is, of The Sacrament;
that is,
the very year we are in?

St. Benedict, of the fifth century, is declared the father of monasticism in the West, in the Divine Office. In Monte Cassino he founded a well-known monastery and wrote his Rule, and his Rule has been honoured throughout the centuries ever since.
St. Benedict's great works were directed towards the simple religious life, one of the great movements within The Church from the earliest centuries - the monastic life; a life of prayer and solicitude.
(This type of Catholic prayer and solicitude is yet another part of Catholicism that the modernists poo-pooed over the past century but which, on the contrary, the Popes have fully encouraged - of course.)
Our Pope, taking the name
Benedict, did so very consciously; of that we may be VERY sure.
He is well aware of the era in which we live, perhaps more so then anyone, and he knows the treacheries of the modernists and the post-modernists which now belong to a by-gone era - but persist in having a presence within The Church - for he has personally overseered the innumerable efforts to convert or weed-out these dissenters and rebels.
Pope Benedict XVI realises that we have passed from one era to another and

he knows that the future
for The Church
is a glorious one
- where She becomes the Light for the world.

He has first-hand knowledge of the greatness of the super-Pope, John Paul II, and that

he has an impossible act to follow,

but he has shown enormous courage in accepting such an impossible - even embarrassing - situation.
Indeed he has embraced the work of the Pontiff with great humility relying absolutely on the Merits of Christ and on the intercession of His Mother, Mary.
And - so pleasing to note - on the support of real-Catholics around the world.
As do all Popes.
And he is now supreme Pontiff of Christ's Mystical Body on earth!
May it be so - the Pope of the
A positive moral quality - moral goodness. This is part of the meaning given to virtue by the dictionary.
It seems to me that there are two types of virtues -

divine Virtues and created virtues.

The divine Virtues are so total in Themselves that they actually are The Persons of The Holy Trinity.

Thus Goodness, the Virtue of God The Father, means that He is Goodness-personified. He is Perfect-eternal-existence. He is His virtue.

The Son is Truth-personified and The Spirit is Love-personified.
Their Virtues are not separate from Themselves and their Virtues are so absolute that They
are Their Virtues.
So states Frank Sheed in his marvellous book
Theology and Sanity, (pages 57, 62 and 72, as quoted hereunder) and so this is the teaching of The Universal Church.
P We saw God

first as Infinite Existence,
possessing all that He is in one single act

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