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Musings 2005/192

of being. ..

The Second Person as we have seen, proceeds from the First by way of Knowledge.
The other primary operation of spirit is love; and it is by way of love that the Third Person proceeds. To a point the two processions are parallel.

The First Person knows Himself;
His act of knowing Himself
produces an Idea,
a Word;
and this Idea, this Word,
the perfect Image of Himself,
is the Second Person.

The First Person and the Second Person combine in an act of love - love of one another, love of the glory of the Godhead which is their own; and

just as the act of knowing
produces an Idea within the Divine Nature,
the act of loving
produces a state of Lovingness
within the Divine Nature.

Thus their Lovingness too, is Infinite, Eternal, Living, Someone, a Person, God.

Thus the works of origination and of omnipotence
are appropriated to the Father;
the works of knowledge or wisdom to the Son,
who subsists by way of knowledge;
the works of love to the Holy Spirit,
who subsists as Love. P

Beautifully stated. Simply stated.
Such are the Virtues of The Godhead.
The virtues of the creature are of course, not absolute and not permanent. A person may acquire a virtue today and he may lose it tomorrow.
The virtues of the creature - that is to say
human being - are then imitations of the Virtues of God.
Jesus seems to point this out when he states
Why dost thou come to me ask of goodness? God is good and he only. (Matthew 19:17)
It is the same with wisdom,

for wisdom is not a virtue of The Creator,
but a gift to mankind
in imitation of Truth.

For wisdom is a virtue by which a person makes a good decision on the information available to him.
That decision may still be one that is less then perfect, but it might remain an excellent decision, nevertheless.

God does not need wisdom at all
for He has the fullness of Truth

in His possession. He has, He is, Absolute-knowledge and therefore wisdom is completely unnecessary.
But wisdom is absolutely necessary to us humans!
It is a vital virtue.
If we muse upon the Gift of faith we again perceive that, fabulously great as this Gift is, it is a mere imitation of a divine Virtue - Truth.
If we had Absolute-truth as does God, we certainly would not have the slightest need for faith, for faith implies that we are searching for something and that we have various choices and that we believe, in spite of seemingly physical contradictions, such as not being able to see God, or to grasp Him with our other human senses.
Certainly, faith is not a divine Virtue, and very clearly, a  virtue of us creatures.
But a very, very, VERY necessary virtue.
We could also look at hope, another essential virtue for anyone hoping to gain Eternal-life - and prudence and chastity and obedience and perseverance and fortitude and humility and understanding, etc. etc etc.. All of these virtues quite obviously, do not apply to God but only to creatures.
Thus we find it obvious that there are human virtues, and that there are divine Virtues.

The astonishing thing about this is that
God became Man
and being a human-being 100%,
He embraced the virtues
of the creature!

This is so fabulous! It is delight, itself, for Jesus Christ, the Son of Man, was the perfect Human

and so His human virtues
were perfect!!

Of course.
The Catechism of The Catholic Church teaches us on the subject of human virtue, for example:-

P 1804 Human virtues are firm attitudes,
stable dispositions,
habitual perfections of intellect and will
that govern our actions,
order our passions,
and guide our conduct
according to reason and faith.

They make possible ease, self-mastery, and joy in leading a morally good life. The virtuous man is he who freely practices the good.
1834 They can be grouped around the four cardinal virtues: prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance.
1841 There are three theological virtues: faith, hope, and charity. They inform all the moral virtues and give life to them.

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