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Musings 2005/192

Catholicism speaks too, of The Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ and these Merits are the Source of salvation for each and every son and daughter of God.

This Merits, surely,
are the virtues
of which I ponder upon -

the virtues of a creature
embraced by The Creator.

Could we not then assume that in some way, the human Virtues of Jesus Christ, being the Son of Man, and embraced by Him ABSOLUTELY and indeed, have become His possession -

could we not then assume
that Christ has made the human virtues
of The Godhead?

And so, in following Jesus and participating in His Infinite Merits - His human Virtues upon which He has stamped a divine Imprint - then we become One in Him and in His Humanity and in His Merits - His Virtues - and in this Oneness, we join Him in His Sonship within The Blessed Trinity.
We do this by imitating Him in His virtues, His Merits, which include obedience to His Eternal-father even to The Cross, His meekness and humility and perseverance, and so on.
In summary then, we might say that the divine Virtues are Goodness, Truth and Love and

the created human virtues,
having been embraced by Christ,
The Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ,

and that in imitating Christ in His divinised human virtues, we are lead to share with Him, the divine Virtues of the Godhead.
The Wedding
Well, I went to a Catholic wedding.
The Church building was a country one. The Tabernacle was in a prominent, honoured position within the church as is required by The Church.
There was a casual atmosphere about the church but there was an unseen beauty about it too, as if God's Grace accompanied it. P
People entered and genuflected!
During the Nuptial Mass it became quickly obvious that the Priest was a true Priest of The One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, exhibiting devotion to The Blessed Virgin, obedience to the Pope and adoration of The Sacrament.
His sermon too, was beautifully Catholic proclaiming the sacredness of marriage, one of the seven Sacraments of The Church; calling for the marriage to be blest by God to such an extent

that the marriage becomes
a witness for the world,
a witness so desperately needed. P

The good Priest spoke of God's purposes in giving great dignity to man because God gave man the sensational Gift of freewill. He stated the obvious that, without freewill, man becomes a robot, and he appealed to the newly-weds to

use their freewill
but cloth it with The Love of God,

loving one another, being open to family and persevering in the Commandments of God. P
And, during Holy Mass, the devotion of those receiving The Sacrament was a delight to behold - and being so rare, for almost all were real-Catholics - it was astonishing!!
At the reception the speeches were ingrained with holy urgings for the couple - persevere in fidelity; let the marriage be God-bathed.
The attendants at the tables at the reception were quite moved by the occasion for they felt the love that emanated from the couple and from the family and friends gathered around them.
The couple themselves, Daryl and Jennifer, are true devotees of The Universal Church and I could not help but think:-
This is a marriage blest by Heaven; attended by Heaven; made in Heaven. P
The families of the couple as well, each and every one, are among these true devotees, and I yet again considered

the great Wisdom of The Church
in Her sponsorship of such a marriage;
in Her support and encouragement;
in the Graces She bestows;
in the decrees and guidelines
She freely provides. P

I stand delighted and astounded before the holy spectacle of this wedding and can only praise God for The Faith.
And I perceive even more now,

how the world needs holy marriages
and holy families

which The Church has never ceased to promote - until death do we part.
Ten out of ten.
Move the world.
The true Priest also presented us with an excellent truth:- By adhering to The Church's teachings we can move the world.
He spoke of course, in regard to the marriage - a marriage which he had eagerly anticipated in the knowledge that his would be a supreme delight of Grace in ministering to a marriage of two real-Catholics.
Yet he spoke too, of adherence to Church teaching whether it be with regard to marriage or to any other aspect of The Church's sure guidance to Eternal-life.
What total, exquisite confidence does the real-Catholic have as he deliberately and fully embraces the leadership of his Mother, The Church?!

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