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Musings 2005/193

The Warning

There are many predictions going around about future events such as the three days of darkness (I understand the Jehovah Witnesses have gone one (two?) better and talk of the five days of darkness).
There are other predictions based on quotes from Scripture about the loss of the great majority of the world's population.
And there are other forecasts amongst which is
the warning.
The warning is meant to be a sign to every person around the planet to return to God and to His Truth and to His Love because the world has turned away from its Creator and draws upon itself grave consequences.
If we do have grave consequences around the world by way of some natural catastrophe then obviously there will be great loss of life and as well, the resultant disorder might well result in a lengthy period of darkness where the sun is blotted out, perhaps by vapour and/or dust and/or smoke.
It is quite obvious that the world has turned its back on The Creator. Proof does not have to be sought - it hits us in the face many times a day, whether by way of pornographic television programmes, magazines and every-day dress; by the continuous wars out of which atrocities constantly emerge; by the incredible acceptances of immoral standards by sections of the community and even government on such grave matters as abortion, homosexual
marriages, euthanasia, etc.; by the failure of innumerable marriages and the horrors that come out of this; and so on and so on.
Of course, there is the most grave all-out attacks on religions especially on The Universal Church which is the prime target of evil -

get rid of Catholicism
and Christ is defeated,

simple as that.
Defeat Christ and defeat God.
It is not a difficult thing then, to see that the world is coming to a point where the atrocities inflicted by one man upon another - every man, everywhere: who is innocent? - in a world of six billion people, that a climax approaches.
Just as in life - for each individual, what one does always comes back on him some time or other - it is very easy to

multiply that by six billion
and come to the conclusion
that the world is due to have its actions
come back upon itself.

Looking over the past century for example, the twentieth century, one has to think the world has done very well to actually survive even up to this point in time!
In fact, I have to think that it is only by the Grace and Mercy of God that we have survived

and this only because of God's children
Mary's children -

who although only a minority, still number in the tens of millions and are found in every town in every nation and are found in every religion that has the basic belief in Creator and creature (that is to say, there are no children of Mary to be found in the satanic cults, I would expect).
Mostly of course,

Mary's children are found
in Catholicism
which is the religion of Mary's Children.

We must not forget that

Jesus was Mary's Child.

And so, it seems to me that, under the circumstances the world finds itself in, and because of His infinite Justice and Mercy, there is one sure prediction for mankind:-

God will give us a warning.

In fact God has been giving us warning after warning for decades - for centuries - for millenniums - even since the fall of Adam and Eve.
Most definitely there are warnings everywhere. Each catastrophe, whether natural or man-made, is a warning. Each is a sign of the times and a clue that says:-
keep this up and the catastrophes will get worse.
Do I exaggerate? Well, we only have to consider the promiscuity that the artificial-contraception-mentality has brought forth and the resultant explosion of AIDS and other sex-associated diseases.
We only have to consider the same promiscuity that has lead to tens of millions of pregnancies which have given impulse to the horrific, scandalous destruction of a vast multitude of babes in the womb!

The world of the future
will look back upon our generations
with pure horror
and will marvel at God's Mercy.

Yes, the warnings are there. But who is taking note of the warnings?
The whole world has been startled and horrified in recent decades by many, many catastrophes. But so soon does each catastrophe occur, it then become history as
life-goes-on and the strong and the powerful find diversions in their every-day entertainment.
(The weak and the suffering remember but they have no voice and even if they did, their voice would also quickly become history as


So, I reach the point of this particular musing:- God will ensure that each and every person is not only given general, sensational warnings but each will be given a specific warning so that each and every person remains conscious of this warning.
That is to say, God will give warning of such force that not one person will be able to say
I didn't know!

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