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Musings 2005/193

All Jesus had to do was die and, because He is God, He would promptly return to the Divine-oneness and so open a path for the rest of us to follow, once we become One in Him.
Why then die a tortured soul? Why not die in painless bliss surrounded by family and friends?
It now seems to me that,

when God does something,
He does it absolutely,
to a total fullness
beyond our understanding.

There is now no-one who can say God doesn't understand human suffering! He can't understand what torment to body and mind and soul, is!
No-one can say that. Instead we are horrified at the thought of what Jesus went through and this horror becomes clear to everybody who has read the Gospel and seen The Passion of The Christ.
The Humanity of Jesus is often perceived in The Gospel, but it is a poignant point in history that He should say:-

I have longed and longed
to share this paschal meal with you
before my passion. Luke 22:15.

Here is the Man saying He longed and longed for the day to come, the day that preceded His day of horror!
Some of us, knowing - as Jesus did - the dreadfulness of what was to come, would have been counting down the days with absolute dread and then the final hours with sheer terror!
(I do not think I would be counting down the days or the hours - no, I would be heading with considerable speed in the opposite direction.)
So, when Jesus said He
longed and longed for that paschal meal which preceded His crucifixion,

we glimpse His human desire
to embrace The Cross,
filled as He was with enthusiasm and yearning
to actuate His absolute defeat of evil
- with bridging the chasm to Heaven for mankind -
with bringing Salvation to those He loved!

But then the Paschal Meal was over - The Eucharist, the Sacrament of Love, The Eternal-sacrifice, was instituted -

and Jesus proceeded to Gethsemane!

There the severe fullness of the realisation of what was ordained from Eternity descended upon this Human Being - And now he was in agony and prayed still more earnestly; his sweat fell to the ground like thick drops of blood. Luke 22:43,44.
What sort of terror is this that His sweat was blood-like?
The Humanity of Christ is here perfectly evident and His consciousness of His Humanity reached a pinnacle -  the dreadful prophecies were about to become actuality.

P  21(22) My God, my God,
why hast thou forsaken me?

Loudly I call but my prayer can not reach Thee. Thou dost not answer my God - when I cry out to thee day and night; thou dost not heed. It was in thee that our fathers trusted and thou didst reward their trust by delivering them; they cried to thee and rescue came; no need to be ashamed of such trust as theirs.

But I poor worm,
have no manhood left;
I am a by-word to all,
the laughing-stock of the rabble.
All those who catch sight of me
fall to mocking; mouthing out insults

while they toss their heads in scorn He committed himself to the Lord, why does not the Lord come to his rescue and set his favourite free?
My enemies ring me round packed close as a herd of oxen, strong as bulls from Basan; so might a lion threaten me with its jaws, roaring for its prey.

I am spent as split water,
all my bones out of joint,
my heart turned to molten wax within ;
parched is my throat,

like clay in the baking and my tongue sticks fast in my mouth; thou has laid me in the dust to die.
Prowling about me like a pack of wolves, their wicked conspiracy hedges me in;

they have torn holes
in my hands and my feet;
I can count my bones one by one;
and they stand there watching me,
gazing at me in triumph.

They divide my spoils amongst them, cast lost for my garments. P Psalms.
Such prophecies for The Christ - amongst numerous others - were known to Jesus.
(He knew His life's story from the earliest age - Mary and Joseph knew it and taught the young Jesus. On musing on this, I often thank God that I did not know what my life was to bring to me. Who wants to know the details of his future sufferings?)
But He was trapped, you might say, and even as He cried out
Deliver me from all this, He was mournfully  aware that humanity relied on Him - souls, past, present and to come. He viewed them all at Gethsemane!

Each soul presented itself before Him
declaring its dire need of Him!

His love for His Mother, His Disciples, Prophets, Saints - all of God's children - obliged Him to listen to their urgent pleas that He allow Himself to step forward into this universal drama of horror which promised only one leniency:- not one bone would be broken.
That left a lot!
So we observe that our anguished cries for help, from Adam to the last day, weighed down upon Him at

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