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Musings 2005/193

Gethsemane, encouraging Him to proceed in The Eternal-father's Will when His own will rebelled in utter dismay at the prospect before Him.
42 Saying: Father, if thou wilt, remove this chalice from me: but yet not my will, but thine be done. Luke 22.
If God said to me
If you suffer these atrocious agonies over the next day, bringing about your death, I will draw a thousand souls to Heaven! I would mentally withdraw at great speed.
What if it meant saving one hundred thousand souls? God might yell out after me as I ran for cover.
Even as I scurried all the faster His voice might still reach me
A million souls?
Well, it would soon become apparent that I do not have the courage of Jesus Christ!
Yet I have read somewhere and I am sure it's true,

that Jesus would have embraced The Cross
just for one soul!

The pathos, the drama of The Christ at Gethsemane, where the divine Virtues of Goodness, Truth and Love collided, it might be said, with the human frailties of powerlessness, uncertainty and deception that is the lot of human nature - where Creator confronted within Himself in eternity the stupendous energy of His Eternal-will and within Himself, in the Person of Jesus Christ, the creatures' holy fear of The Divine.
Come Holy Spirit Prayer Campaign
Archbishop Bathersby - Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - whose Archdiocese consists of Priests, Brothers and Nuns many of whom - from my observations and from public and private reports - could be included in the category of postmodernists - has launched this campaign.
Some real-Catholics are awed if a little suspicious, by this move.
I mentioned the campaign to a friend reckoning it as a
miracle, but he replied he would wait and see, thinking that there might be an ulterior motive.
However, I have to stick to my opinion that this is a miracle in process. If the prayer campaign is stated by the Archbishop as one seeking the greatest Presence of The Holy Spirit - and he does (so do the communications released) - then it is immaterial if there is a hidden agenda.
Because all of us who join in the prayer campaign will be praying Come Holy Spirit even more fervently then we have been doing for decades.
And therefore, the prayer will be answered!
As well, the fact that the Archbishop himself, has called for the prayer campaign, means that many others will join us in

this urgent cry to The Spirit of Love.

On the other hand, I believe that this is a sincere attempt by the Archbishop to gain great Graces for the people entrusted to his care and indeed, for his state (for he is also the Primate of Queensland).
The Archdiocese of Brisbane and the State of Queensland have certainly lagged behind The Church's call for a return to Truth; a return to obedience to The Holy Father and his Magisterium.
This being the case, the Bishops of the various Dioceses of Queensland can not legitimately claim to have no responsibility even if some of them may find themselves unable to do much about the tragic defiance they find themselves enmeshed in (although I have never heard this appeal about any of them!).
The Archbishop, realising he has got a tiger by the tail, has probably jumped at the chance to bring in a mighty Tiger-tamer Who would not only placate the tiger but even bring about a true friendship between the tiger and the tail-holder and The Tiger-tamer.
That being the case, I have to congratulate the Archbishop in taking the leading role in this miracle and I have no doubt that he will find stupendous success and find it very quickly and find it much, much more effective then some might expect.
I have humbly congratulated the Archbishop, and congratulate him again, and I have thanked him for his historic initiative.
I suggested to him that, perhaps, the following prayer might become part of his campaign - even more, that he might instruct that such a prayer be said at every Mass in the Archdiocese:-

O Holy Spirit, You are Love; You are Harmony.
You are the Third Person of the Godhead.
You give impulse and energy
to what The Eternal-father has created
and to what The Eternal-son
has given design and purpose to.
Grant we beseech You
- through the Infinite Merits of Jesus Christ -
the grace to recognise, acknowledge
and appreciate You
to out utmost capacity
so that this Archdiocese and this state
will be filled by Your Love,
with The Goodness of The Eternal-father
and The Truth of The Eternal-son.
We appeal to You on the perfect intercession of The Immaculate Conception.

The Archbishop has graciously replied as follows:-
Thank you for your kind words about our prayer campaign to the Holy Spirit. I'm sure it will bring many blessings. I thought your prayer to the Holy Spirit was excellent. I will forward it on to the Faith and Life agency that is organising the Campaign.
It seems to me that

this prayer campaign
has implications for the whole world

because if this Archdiocese is turned around and the fullness of Catholicism once again pervades the assembly spaces and the schools, then this fabulous miracle MUST ignite a sense of deep gratitude, not only in Queensland but everywhere, together with a renewed and universal embrace of the three characteristics of Catholicism:-
recognition of Christ's real Presence in The Eucharist (even more particularly in this year of The Eucharist);
devotion of The Blessed Virgin;

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