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Musings 2005/194


Cana of Galilee
P Here the supply of wine failed; whereupon Jesus' mother said to him: They have no wine left. Jesus answered her: Nay woman, why dost thou trouble me with that? My time has not yet come. And his mother said to the servants: Do whatever he tells you. P John 2:2-5.
I have mused on this wonderful event before, pointing out that
The Woman of Scripture gave the impulse that  brought about Jesus' time!
I recalled also that
The Woman was mentioned at the beginning of creation in Genesis and at the end of Scripture, in Revelation, 12:1 - the woman clothed with the sun - but also at the beginning of Jesus' ministry on earth at Cana and at the end of His ministry on The Cross, where He gave The Woman to John - and to all peoples - as Mother.
The wedding feast of Cana reveals other wonderful things also.
In particular we notice that

it was Mary
who approached Jesus
on behalf of the organisers of the wedding.

This is of course the most natural thing:- that the organisers approach the Mother who has great influence over her Child, as does every mother.
Very, very sensible of the organisers, indeed.
She understand the embarrassing situation and took action to overcome it - she spoke on their behalf - she interceded for them.
All very natural.
This type of thing happens all the time in our lives and happens to everyone.
Indeed we all realise how much better it would be if we only had more contacts - more powerful contacts - people who could put in a good word for us.
How then is it possible for any sensible person to ignore the Mother of Jesus,
The Woman of Scripture, in his pilgrimage through life to his heavenly homeland?

What a contact to have!

If someone desires a favour from Jesus what better way to ensure that the favour is given then to ask His Mother to talk to Him on our behalf?
If Jesus said to Mary
Nay woman, why dost thou trouble me with that? which indicated He was not all that interested in the manufacture and supply of wine, what would He have said to the wedding organisers if they had approached Him directly?
I think I can safely say that

if Mary had not personally interceded with Jesus
that particular wedding
would have remained without wine.

It is obvious to one and all that the supply of wine (or the lack of it) to a crowd of people - even though good people - who have already consumed all the wine made available, was not the prime reason that The Son of God became a creature!
It becomes
all the more obvious that the narration in Scripture of this exquisite part of the lives of Jesus and Mary, must have a particular message - a loud and clear message to every reader of Scripture - that

Mary is the prime, the perfect, mediator
between us and Jesus.

As a friend of mine might say:- Yippee.    W

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