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Musings 2005/195

P 202. Are there less perfect reasons for contrition for sin?
Yes: other reasons for contrition are:- the fear of hell, the loss of Heaven and the wickedness of sin. This sorrow is called imperfect contrition.
It is so good to know that those who would demote
fear of The Lord to a nonentity - to something unworthy of a Christian - are wrong in their teaching and example.
It is so natural to have
fear of The Lord and so comfortable to know that this remains a great Gift of The Eternal-spirit.
That is why I have to wonder about those who proclaim there is no
fear of The Lord because they have love.
Do they not fool themselves?!
Indeed, it seems to me that

there are only three Persons
Who do not have fear of The Lord,
and Their Names are:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

P  Your soul doth magnify The Lord.
Your spirit hath rejoiced in God our Saviour,
because He hath regarded the humility
of His handmaid:
for behold henceforth,
all generations shall call you blessed:
for He Who is mighty
hath done great things to you:
and holy is His Name:
and His mercy is from generation unto generation

to them that fear Him. P

There are e-mails and there are sad e-mails.

This is a copy of an e-mail I sent to a friend of mine today:-

I'm afraid I have become ultra careful in everything religious, because I was fooled by the modernists for a while - even thinking that it might be OK to downgrade the Holy Rosary so that we could be united with the Protestants!!
What a mistake I made then, for I am now convinced that the Holy Rosary will probably be the great initiative that unites Catholic to Protestant.
So, since then, I am EXTREMELY watchful and cautious.
Where once I listened to a Priest of The Catholic Church and took all that he said from the pulpit as 'gospel', now I have severe reservation about what a Priest might say. In fact, I have gone in the opposition direction from my old ways. I now view everything a Priest says with suspicion.
So, it is a great time of peace and goodwill for me when I come across a true-Priest who I know will deliver ONLY the Truth.


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