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Musings 2005/196

for she consoled Him
on our behalf.

She did not hammer the nails into His Wrists! She did not torture Him so badly that, really He should have died long before He got to The Cross!
She had no need to beg pardon for her sins - she had none, by the Grace of God!
It is so magnificent that Jesus had a true consoler, but it is even more so, that this true Consoler acted on our behalf!!
Thank-you Mary. Thank you Immaculate Conception.
This being the truth of the matter, we have to ponder on yet another delightful matter.
That matter is this:-

if we are not really in a position
to give a real, total consolation
to our Saviour, Jesus, The Christ,
even though we must express sorrow
for our offences against God and neighbour,
we are in a position
to give consolation to Mary!!

It is not Mary who was tortured and crucified, although she shared Jesus' Passion.

As His Mother she supported Him
and as our Mother
she acted on our behalf.


we are enabled to truly give
a real consolation
to our Mother, Mary,
who represented us on Golgotha.

And in consoling our Mother we give her strength and fortitude in consoling Her adored Son.
So, in this way, God has done the impossible.

God has provided us
with a means
- an indirect means -
to totally console His Christ
and we do this through Mary,
The Immaculate Conception.

How fabulous is the Will of God!
There remains, still, the negative means that gives Jesus some consolation - which is:- sorrow for sin.

When Judas betrayed You, Lord,
He acted on my behalf.
Forgive me.
When Peter denied You, Lord,
He acted on my behalf.
Forgive me.
When the Jewish leaders condemned You, Lord,
They acted on my behalf.
Forgive me.
When the Roman soldiers tortured You, lord,
They acted on my behalf.
Forgive me.
When the soldiers crucified You, Lord,
And the Jewish leaders taunted You on The Cross,
They acted on my behalf.
Forgive me.
But when the Angel strengthened You Lord,
He acted on my behalf.
Thank-you Angel of God.
And when The Mother consoled You Lord,
She acted on my behalf.
Thank you Mother and Queen.

Delivered from evil.
We are not able to even begin to understand the dignity that man will resume once the evil one is delivered into his own anti-creation - his kingdom of insanity.
One of the most frightening experiences (and one of the most marvellous) that I have ever had was

to discover the thoughts
that pop up in my mind

What a relief that moment brought me (after I recovered from the awfulness of the thought, itself)!
On further consideration of the matter, I became aware that all thoughts that pop up in my mind - good and bad - out of nowhere, are slotted there by some outside influence.
It could be television, a book, the computer, etc., but it could also be from the devil - or even from Heaven.
With the devil and his awful army dismissed from the living creation, we will have no more insidious thoughts or promptings that are so frightening and so evil.
That in itself, will be just great.
But with
evil out of the picture the pressure on the soul and the mind and so the body too, will be lifted and these will be able to function at top capacity or nearly so.
The intellect will perceive so many innumerable things that are presently beyond reach or in darkness or invisible - materially and spiritually - just as did Adam and Eve.

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