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Musings 2005/196

Man's intellect will perceive Truth!
The Truth will no longer be able to be denied by anyone.
Ignorance will no longer be an excuse for offences against God and His Christ.
Jesus will no longer say
Father forgone them. They don't know what they are doing! - simply because we will know what we are doing.
The Truth that The Universal Church teaches, whether through the Vicar of Christ, the Bishop of Rome, or through the body of the Bishops united to him, with his consent, will be apparent to everyone, everywhere.
The Truth of The Immaculate Conception of the
Virgin, The Woman of Scripture, will be perceived first of all, for this Truth gives praise and glory and appreciation to The Eternal-father Who is perfectly reflected in creation by The Immaculate Conception and because The Immaculate Conception is the prime result of The Father's Era - the Era of the Old Covenant out of which proceeds the Era of Christ.
In this perception mankind will next observe the Truth of Catholicism, particularly the Real Presence of The Christ in the Eucharist. This procession of knowledge is natural for only The Universal Church provides the world with the Truth of The Immaculate Conception and The Eucharist.
These recognitions - of The Immaculate Conception and of The Universal Church - result from the promptings of The Holy Spirit and this Prompting, this Work, will also be observed by man, which in turn will bring the astonishing realisation that the world has entered into The Era of The Spirit - the Third Era following, those of The Father and of The Son and issuing out of them both.
That is why the Era of The Father is represented in Goodness (The Immaculate Conception) and why the Era of The Son is represented through Truth (The Universal Church -
pillar and foundation of the Truth), so that out of both may issue the Era of The Spirit by which the Love of God is made manifest to each person on the earth and in the universe.
Raphael, Gabriel, Michael
I have mused upon the Archangel in these columns before.
I have suggested the incredible, but delightful, possibility that Raphael, Gabriel and Michael are not three Archangels, but are three angelic persons who make up the one unique, exquisite creature, reflecting perfectly The Most Holy Trinity.
While Mary, Mother of The Son and The Immaculate Conception, a creature, perfectly reflects The Eternal-father, The Creator, this reflection pertains to one person, Mary, as regards The One Person, The Father.
It seems certain to me that God must have created a being which reflects His whole Triune Being - Three Persons, One being.
In fact, it seems impossible that The Holy Trinity would
not have created such a wonderful being.


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