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Musings 2005/197

The Three Characteristics

It has long seemed to me that the three characteristics of the real-Catholic are:

obedience to the Vicar of Christ;
devotion to The Mother of God;
adoration of Christ in The Holy Eucharist.

I have felt this for many years and have not found anything to suggest that this is not correct.
In fact, from what I have observed,

a person who has one
of these characteristics
will always have
all three.

One leads to the other.
That is so great. So great!
On musing on this matter, I thought about the reverse.
The unreal-Catholic - if these characteristics are in fact definitely the right signs - will obviously not have them!
The unreal-Catholic will not have obedience to the Pope - will not have devotion to Mary - will not recognise, acknowledge and appreciate Christ in The Eucharist!
What a very,
very sad plight for them!!
And, if a person has one of the Catholic characters - and so have all three - then it stands to reason that the converse is the case:-

if a person lacks one,
then he will lack all three!

And that is exactly what my observations tell me. For example, if a person deliberately fails to observe the clear, wonderful and common-sense guidelines of the Pope's Magisterium, he will be found to also lack devotion to The Virgin and fail to appreciate The Real Presence.
The post-modernists who still overstay their welcome within the
physical parameters of The Church (obviously they are well and truly outside of the spiritual parameters) will not have any of these Catholic characters.
What an incredible tragedy - they are within grasp of these exquisite characteristics - and some have had them and threw them aside!! - and they chose darkness and disillusionment to light and Truth!
In these three characteristics of the real-Catholic, we are reminded of the wonderful dream of St. John Bosco (1862) where he views the Pope directing his great ship (The Church) and many supporting smaller crafts - all of which are under severe attack from all sides - towards two great columns extending far above the ocean, the smaller one supporting the Mother of Christ, as Our Lady, Help of Christians, and the larger column supporting The Eucharist.
His dream concludes with the defeat of the evil armada; with the Pope's great ship anchoring at the two enormous columns and with the ocean serene and peaceful.
Queen of Hearts
Mary, the Queen of Heaven, is also Queen of her children.
These children are those who say the holy Rosary, deep in contemplation on the Mysteries of Christ and His Salvation.
Mary is of course, Queen of the hearts of her other children who may not even belong to The Church and who may not even recognise her as Queen - may not even recognise her adored Son, Jesus Christ.
These are good people who, given the chance, would recognise the Truth of The Universal Church and respond positively.
However, I have come to think that

Mary is also Queen
of the hearts
of each and every person
on the planet!

Just as Jesus is The Saviour of each and every person on the planet! Some may refuse His Salvation but nevertheless, Jesus still remains the Saviour of each - there is no other Saviour.
Nor is there any other Queen.
There is only one Woman of Scripture and that is Mary and this Woman wears
a crown of twelve stars, as should such a Queen, and is clothed with the sun. (Rev. 12)
Just as it is a profound tragedy that so many billions of people do not recognise Jesus as the Messiah, likewise is it a tragedy not to recognise the Queen of Heaven, His Mother and our Mother - Mother of God!

Not only is Mary Queen of Hearts,
but she is Queen of delight.

What fabulous delight do those children have; they who recognise, acknowledge and appreciate Mary who, even though she is a creature, has been raised by God, though and for Jesus, to astonishing heights in the sight God and of man.

The Church has,
from day one, over 2,000 years ago,
applauded the Mother of Jesus
and has recognised her
over all generations

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