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Musings 2005/197

and called her blessed
The Church has realised
that Mary's soul
magnifies The Lord
and that God has done great things
to her. (Luke 1:46-49).

Because Mary is given to us as Mother by her Son, from The Cross (John 19:27,27) she wants to lavish every good thing upon every one of her children,

knowing that every good thing
will be given to
her children
because she escorts them
to Jesus.

And this is exactly what The Queen Mother does - brings her children to Jesus; as close as possible to Jesus.

The closer to Mary
a person is,
the closer to Jesus
is he!

In this process, Mary brings delight-upon-delight to each child of hers and this delight is glimpsed in that most beautiful hymn Immaculate, Immaculate, thus:-

Conceived, conceived immaculate,
oh, what a joy for thee.
Conceived, conceived immaculate,
oh, greater joy for me.

(I think that the words would be more precise if they were to read oh what a joy for me and followed by oh, greater joy for thee, but they would not portray the exquisite delight of Mary's children quite so much.)
What the modernists have thrown away!
The unreal-Catholics in their apostasy, have discarded our Mary as their Queen, rebelled against Peter our Pope, and expelled The Eucharist from our churches!

We look at them in absolute amazement
in their antics
and in their innovations;
they who receive not
the love of truth,
they who fail to hold
the traditions,
which they have learned,
whether by word
or by our epistle. (2Thes. 2.10-14);
they who do not endure sound doctrine
but, according to their own desires,
they will heap to themselves
teachers, having itching ears. (2Tim. 4.3)

What a spectacle they are, these post-modernists who have survived the century given over to the devil - whose blindness is so incredible that they continue to uphold the deceptions of a proven apostasy - a failed, abject apostasy!!!
Looking at the deadly-dangerous modernists and their incapacitated offsprings, one begins to understand the venom of Christ's words:-
27  Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you are like to whited sepulchres, which outwardly appear to men beautiful but within are full of dead men's bones

and of all filthiness. (Matthew 23)

What a spectacle they are!
The post-modernists attract more pity and incredulity then do their insane forebears who groped their passage through the most dangerous century of all time subjected as they were, to every deception manufactured since the dawn of creation.

The deceptions
of the twentieth century
are now audited, indexed,
filed and made public
to every person
on the planet!

Yet here today, in Queensland, Australia - and no doubt elsewhere - we still have the unenlightened remanets of the modernist deceivers still purveying their sacrilegious wares!!!
What a pathetic picture they appear to all those who have seen the proof of their great apostasy!

How can we help
these animated corpses
of the dead and buried

For a start we must remember that they still have time to repent.
They remain in the Era of Mercy.
We know that God wants them to find eternal-lie.
So, I suppose I don't really know what to do about them or what to say to them, except we MUST
pray for them, especially the Priests.


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