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Musings 2005/197


Herein (page 1), I have recorded this excellent document.
This encyclical refers in part of course, to communism which is socialism taken to the extreme.
BUT it also refers to the socialism we see around us in the Labor Party of Australia and in the Democrats of USA and other political parties.
Over one hundred years ago this brilliant Pope pointed out the awfulness of socialism and his teaching remains intact and applicable, to us today.
(The teaching of the Pontiffs against freemasonry was also set out many decades ago and this too, remains applicable to Catholics and in fact, to all Christians and everyone.)
Socialism has changed somewhat in recent decades in that it now
appears no longer to require all industry to be nationalised - to become government-run 'enterprises'.
However, it has clung to the policy that morality is decided by popular opinion! Thus, for example, if the majority think that artificial contraceptives are the go, then the socialists are expected to embrace that!
That is to say, neither God nor His Church, has the right to declare what is moral and what is immoral!
Only socialism has that right!! - they would have us believe.
Indeed, their comrades in some sections of the United Nations, in much of the mass media, in some professions and even in some religions, make every effort to promote, for example, the

So an immoral stand is promoted
and when public opinion is finally swung around
to acceptance,
the socialists then claim their policies
represent that opinion.

Continuing to consider the contraceptive-mentality - it seems to me even, that socialism would still champion the contraceptive-mentality (and other matters of a moral [immoral] nature) even if public support was against it.
They would do this as we see done in instances of
political correctness, where it is considered that this or that minority group should not be unduly hampered in acting freely, and so everyone fears to voice his opinion in any public way!
Legislation can then be implemented to ensure that the particular minority groups have certain basic protections - which legislation can then, in turn, be promoted as giving support and encouragement to those groups!
The recent example of a local real-Catholic highlights the position about which I write.

He dared to voice a warning in print
to parents
about homosexuals
who are making themselves available to schools
apparently to advise and assist
young students -
which necessary warning is based upon
sound Scripture
and upon Church doctrine.

Because he warned Catholic parents about this activity in his little newsletter, a homosexual group is now legally hounding the 87 year-old real-Catholic!!
The homosexual group is taking legal action against this good man, this good citizen,

acting as if he had broken the law!!

And they take action with every confidence,

as if they presumed
in their audacity,
that their position
has the greatest legal support
behind it!!!

This type of situation I contend, is characteristic of the socialist mentality.
The only conclusion that can be drawn from these facts is that Catholics - indeed all Christians and all people of good will - can not vote for a socialist party.
Even while the remaining dominant parties might still be
on the nose in some respects, you might say they are the best of a bad lot.
Contacts in High Places
Most people would have had some experience of beneficial results obtained through excellent contacts in the right places, at the right times.
Jobs obtained - sales made - access obtained - information given - difficulties removed - prices reduced, etc. etc. etc.
On the spiritual plane, how fortunate are the real-Catholics who still cling to the excellent, the perfect, contacts they have in Heaven, especially

that superb intermediary, Jesus' Mother,
Woman of Scripture;
Queen of Delight.

Where innumerable people, even many Christians, are unaware of their

Guardian Angels,

what a blessing it is for us to be conscious that we have such a spiritual and physical beneficiary with us every moment of our lives!
On the reverse side of the coin, how sad that billions of people around the world do not realise they have Guardian Angels - a heavenly Mother - other powerful Friends in Heaven who are Saints or Angels -

Friends in Purgatory and Limbo.

When a person goes to court for some reason or other, he takes along his solicitor.
He takes along his witnesses.

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