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Musings 2005/197

and central

Indeed Truth is Christ - He is The Word.
Just as Christ is the central figure for every creature so is Truth the central ambition - for the universe was created for Christ and He has ransomed it through The Cross.
So, in denying Truth, the modernists deny Christ Himself.
Raphael, Gabriel, Michael.
So again, I muse upon these figures of history; these persons of Scripture.
I have suggested that the reason why the devil was supreme amongst the rebelling angels was that he was the one and only triune creature in all creation, imitating perfectly, The Triune Godhead. The devil (Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub) as the one and only triune creature was the most beautiful, the most powerful, the most knowledgeable of all creatures - supreme, perfectly god-like.
When he rebelled of course his triune excellence was lost and he became
evil itself.

His supremacy in things good
became supremacy in things evil.

I had suggested then, that God had subsequently brought forth the Archangel Raphael, Gabriel, Michael who took the mighty throne previously held by the devil and, by the loyalty of The Archangel, made this throne even greater and immortal.
Now, in pursuing this line of thinking and looking at The Godhead we perceive that the Second Person took to himself a human soul and body.
Consequently a triune creature, a spiritual creature, perfectly reflecting The Holy Trinity, by way of the second person thereof, might be expected to have a similar power.
Could this possibility explain how the anti-christ might come into existence? that is to say the second person of the evil trinity taking to himself a body and soul?
Thus, when the devil is finally removed - which I contend must be imminent - from the living creation, despatched to his place, might he retain a presence in the world by assuming a human soul and body?

By becoming, in person, the anti-christ?

The prospect of the anti-christ is already truly frightening and this possibility makes that prospect even more awful.
How fitting at the same time, that the anti-christ will finally be defeated personally, by Christ Himself when He
comes again!
If this scenario is correct then the great and loyal Archangel of God also has the potential, through the second person, to take to himself a human body and soul.
What is the probability of a triune creature?
It seems to me that it is very improbable that God did not create such a creature.
All things are created in God's image - one way or another. All things.
Man is created in His image.
It stands to reason then, that God must have created a triune spiritual creature in full imitation of Himself. Indeed, would He not have created such a being first of all?
Now if God created a triune creature, then it also seems certain that mention of such would have been made in Scripture. It seems most unlikely that such a creature would be anonymous!
So .. ?


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