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Musings 2005/198

the Holy Mass,
The Eucharist,
of The Universal Church.

And so, I once again, refer to The Golgotha Prayer the second part of which says:-

P With boldness and hope,
with humility and holy fear,
I place myself
in this transcendent survey of Yours, my Lord,
not as one of Your great Saints
but as a little child
of Your Immaculate Mother
who would kneel beside her
before You at Golgotha,
in the company of the beloved Apostle John
and the holy women,
so that I might somewhat strengthen and console
Your Mother and mine,
for she is Your greatest consoler,
and to join with our Mother
and with all the Angels, Saints
and Holy Souls,
in their universal declaration:
we recognise You;
we acknowledge You;
we appreciate You, Son of God;  Son of Man.;
You for Whom only were we created. P

(Full text for this prayer can be found at )
Because Mary is Co-redemptrix, as proclaimed by The Church -she being the perfected creature

who co-operated on behalf
of all creatures

with her adored Son - 

Who acted, for His part,
on behalf of The Creator -

it is totally appropriate that we join her at the foot of The Cross, supporting her in her universal, perennial, exquisite but agonising role as Mother and Co-redemptrix.
It is appropriate that we do this individually but also as The Church - as the People of God - so that she might share the Triumph of her Son, just as she shared His Passion.
New Problems for The Church?
With the advent of modernism real-Catholics often had to resort to their own means to retain the Faith.
In some nations the real-Catholics were marginalised and in time, gathered together in supportive groups as a means of pure survival!
Modernism, in attempting to tear down every Truth of The Church, in transforming church construction into an ugly system of
spaces, and in introducing its own liturgies, confused and horrified real-Catholics.
These real-Catholics, as a result, were potential targets for alternatives that would give them some relief from the awful things they saw happening within The Church.
New movements sprang up within The Church, as a result of modernism. Many of them were exactly what The Church required to weather the storm of this ultimate rebellion, such as Opus Dei and Father Gobbi's Marian Movement of Priests.
Some however, were not what The Church needed and these I think will become big problems for The Church.
Good Catholics, even Priests and Bishops, in an attempt to cling to real-Catholicism resorted to their own innovations to find the necessary strength to combat modernism and stay immune to this apostasy's poison.
This is how Lefebvre attracted ex-communication from The Church. Even through he might have been a great Apostle of The Church in his own right, he thought - mistakenly - to fix The Church's problems, himself!
We are all a little bit like that - certainly a big fault of mine.
We forget that God is running His Church; God is in control; God has already won over evil!
All we have to do is be clear on what The Church teaches and persevere under all circumstances. To follow the Pope, for

where the Pope is,
there is The Church.

We know that modernism has been detected and pin-pointed in The Mystical Body of Christ. We know that the divine Surgeon is even now, operating upon this Body, removing all modernist cancers with precision.
We perceive the divine Surgeon in operation when we view the works of John Paul II, Benedict XVI and the recent Eucharistic Synod of Bishops.
However, in the meantime, various groups have become established and not approved by The Church - not unapproved either.
The Church has been fully occupied with defeating modernism which sought Her complete annihilation.
With this defeat accomplished The Church will look again at Herself and reach out for the real-Catholics who have been caught up in new movements supposedly in opposition to modernism.
It is my view however, that numerous movements and groups were set up by the devil's power-brokers so that those real-Catholics who were not trapped by modernism were ensnared in false 'Catholic' alternatives, deadly traps which they laid for the suffering, frantic real-Catholics desperate to find relief.
It goes to show how deadly dangerous the devil is and just how important it is to follow the Pope and his Magisterium -
under all circumstances.
From The Cross
Jesus looked down from His Cross and saw His blessed Mother.
His Mother, The
Woman of Scripture - as He himself deliberately called her  - was there, providing Him with every possible consolation.
Mary's Immaculate Conception and her perfect sanctity ensured that no sin whatsoever was contributed to her. It is true that this was made possible
only through The Infinite Merits of her adored Son, but nevertheless, it is a fact - it is the Truth.
So, where the many billions of souls who were saved by Him were sinners - each and every one - before

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