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Musings 2005/199


The Church is now pondering Her teaching on Limbo which brings up many considerations.
For example The Church teaches what Scripture states:- no-one may enter Heaven without Baptism -
Unless a man, says Christ, be born again of water and of The Holy Spirit, he can not enter into the Kingdom of God. (John iii:5)
Of course The Church declares that Baptism can take various forms as the Penny Catechism states (169):-
martyrdom for the Faith or an act of perfect love can take the place of Baptism of water.
Baptism of blood or Baptism of desire.
The Church accordingly, teaches that Limbo exists - a place where souls may go who can not enter The Kingdom but have not died in mortal sin - for example, infants who die without baptism.
Infants who die without Baptism go to a place of happiness but they will never see God in Heaven. (170 Penny Catechism)
Limbo however, has also been considered to be the place where the souls of people wait, who died before Christ liberated all creation. We have the great prophets and teachers of the Old Testament, great men and women of God, who have died in the Goodness of God.
We have the infants of Bethlehem who died in the place of the Infant Jesus. These
Holy Innocents are recognised by The Church as a Feast-day on the 28th. December.
It seems to me that The Church is stating that, unlike Purgatory, the souls in Limbo will not automatically arrive at a point where they will finally achieve the eternal happiness of Heaven. That is to say, unless there is
a deliberate intervention on their behalf, the souls of Limbo will never see God in Heaven.
That the people of sanctity of pre-Christianity were enabled to leave Limbo and gain Heaven,

shows that Limbo
does not HAVE to be eternal!

There seems to be a general belief in real-Catholics that there is the probability that aborted children will find mercy before God and somehow, reach Heaven.
While the teaching of The Church on Limbo in previous eras has not been defined as Catholic Dogma, real-Catholics MUST pay attention and give every respect, to these teachings.
Let us look then, at what Baptism does.

P The Sacrament of Baptism
cleanses us from original sin
by giving Sanctifying Grace
and so we become
the children of God
and members of Christ's Mystical Body,
The Church. P

(Penny Catechism 165.)
It is The Passion and Cross of Jesus Christ, Son of God, that produces the Infinite Merits through which the deserved punishment brought about by the original sin of our first parents, is overcome by the Mercy of God.

The punishment of original sin
was the closure of Heaven
to all mankind.

Jesus Christ, on His Death - being God-made-man - returned to His divine Stature. His Divinity easily overpowered, overcame, all obstacles with the very Power of God; overcame even, the permanent closure of Heaven to man brought about by Adam and Eve.

Through His Return
to this divine Stature
He created
a way
for each person to gain Eternal-life.

All we have to do is follow Him on this Way or more accurately become one with Him and enter The Kingdom as part of His Mystical Body.
However, there are some souls who are totally unable to follow His Way. How can an aborted child - a human being murdered in his mother's womb - follow The Way of Christ?
The simple answer is:- He is absolutely unable to follow The Way of Christ!
It seems to me that

some one else
must intervene on his behalf.

Just as Some-one else opened for us the Gates of Heaven, so it is that some-one else must open the gates of Limbo for the innocent soul that inhabits that place.
It seems to me that this idea preserves the ancient teaching of The Church with regard to Limbo but also introduces the wonderful possibility of raising the souls of Limbo into Paradise.
It further seems to me that the 'some-one' who is to release the soul from Limbo must be a Member of The Mystical Body of Christ
on earth, that is, The Church.
If the release of souls from Limbo relied upon the intervention of the Saints and Angels of Heaven, then they would automatically be released, just as the souls in Purgatory are released.
But as we have seen, the souls in Limbo are not automatically released and in fact, are destined to remain there forever.

This powerfully suggests that,
if they are to be released,
then the impetus
for this release
must come from The Church Militant.

This is probably the reason I like the following prayer:-

We pray for the unbaptised souls not in hell.
We pray that,
in Your mercy,
through Your mercy,
by Your mercy,
each and every one
is baptised in the
Name of The Father and of The Son and of The Holy Spirit.

The Dignity of Man
It is true that every person (excepting The Immaculate Conception) has offended our Creator. Indeed that wonderful little prayer The Confiteor, suggests that most of us seriously offend, perhaps even to the extent of mortal sin which is fatal if we do not repent. That prayer says:-

. that I have sinned exceedingly,

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