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Musings 2005/199

in thought, word and deed;
through my fault, through my fault,
through my most grievous fault.

Born in original sin and proceeding to offend The Almighty during our lives, we have to humbly admit that God has infinite patience with us.
On the other side of the coin, however, we know that The Son of God became Man and suffered the Cross for our sakes.
This can only mean one thing:- that mankind - that each and every person - has exceedingly great dignity before God!!
While we must be aware of the treachery within us and repent daily, it is a truth that God has given us incredible dignity.
This is easily observed not only in the fact that Christ embraced the Cross for us, but also that He became Man in the first place.
The fact that He became Man is more then enough to give man great dignity for, from His time we are able to say that

mankind includes
the Second Person
of The Holy Trinity!

However, there is more to it then that, for God chose to become man. The choice preceded the event - it was always part of God's salvation plan to become Man; before creation existed. I know that time does not exist in the Godhead yet in creation time is a fact of life.
So when man was created, male and female, even then, God intended to become a creature. This intention alone is enough to prove the greatness of man's dignity.
The dignity of man was something phenomenal and we can further easily observe this by the punishment meted out to Adam and Eve in eating the forbidden fruit.

Because the dignity of man
was so enormous,
the punishment - hell - was
its equal
- as would be expected
from the perfect justice of God.

Yet also, the dignity of man can be observed in the freewill given him by God.
We know that God intended man to share His Divinity! For that reason was man given total freewill so that he would be like God, choosing whatever he desired - even choosing against God Himself - but most importantly, choosing Goodness over evil; choosing Truth over deception; choosing Love over hatred.
So that man would make the best possible choice, God gave him further astonishing Gifts - the powers to recognise, acknowledge and appreciate Goodness, Truth and Love; that is, God Himself.
In giving man these God-like powers, He gave man unsurpassed, unsurpassable dignity.
This dignity, as I say, can be measured by the rewards and the punishments available to man in choosing for himself his type of eternity - Heaven or hell.
The Sacrament of The Eucharist where Christ makes Himself present is another proof of the dignity of man. We have other Gifts from God such as His Gift to us of the Priesthood and of the Sacraments.
It is our right to preserve this unsurpassable dignity - it is our duty. And so, God gave us the Ten Commandments printed on stone and printed on each heart - yet another great Gift.
Looking at the Future
Having been taught By Christ Himself to pray deliver us from evil, this is exactly what The Church has been doing for over 2,000 years and I contend that that prophetic request is about to be achieved.
That is to say, the world will be delivered from the devil who is
evil-personified, as well as his massive army of evil cohorts.
A result of this wonderful triumph against
evil, has to be an incredulous, exquisite feeling of freedom by every person on the planet. The darkness of mind and of spirit that the devil overlays in our day-to-day living will disappear. The awful thoughts that we reckoned our own, that previously popped up into our minds, will cease.
The blindness that the devil wove around every person, one way or another, would suddenly be replaced by clarity of intellect.
Deception will no longer abound and each person will be able to clearly perceive Truth when presented to him, having no doubt whatsoever.
The hold on humanity that the devil obtained at the Garden of Eden through his treachery will cease.
The God-given powers of spirit, of soul and of body, possessed by Adam and Eve, will again be possessed by man with the added power and authority of having Jesus Christ in our midst, in The Eucharist. We will also possess the learn-by-experience education of the horrendous results of thousands of years of
evil now behind us.
The result of these re-born capacities - in the spirit - will be three-fold in every person:-

  1. recognition of Jesus Christ in The Eucharist of The Universal Church;
  2. acknowledgment of the infallibility of Christ's Vicar on earth, the Bishop of Rome;
  3. appreciation of The Immaculate Conception of The Mother of Christ, Mary.
That is to say, all peoples and nations will perceive that The Catholic Church - which alone contains these three possessions - is, and always has been, the light for the world; THE religion of the one God; THE ONLY religion of God.
The world will become Catholic and Peace will reign everywhere. Harmony will prevail in persons and in nations.
All this will happen because the Era of The Eternal-spirit will have arrived in creation; Whose Era will confirm and fulfil the Era of The Eternal-father and of The Eternal-son.
The new-Adam will walk upon the earth and he, in his re-born perfection, will observe a
new heaven and a new earth, for he will perceive what was always there but used to be beyond his evil-stunted stature, now removed.
The new Adam and the new Eve will be like Jesus and Mary and so of greater statute then Adam and Eve in the beginning.
We can get a glimpse of people of the new Era by looking at the Saints of The Church in their great sanctity and power before God and man.
The Anti-christ
Unfortunately, the imminent deliverance from evil must be also be realised by the devil who is no dill.
The Truth The Church teaches about the defeat of
evil through The Cross of Christ, must be realised by evil. The fact that The Woman of Scripture will crush his head in her triumph for Good, for Truth, for Love, will be at the forefront of his scheming.
That being the case,
he has only one choice:- he will endeavour to leave behind a seed from which will sprout a new form of evil, even in his absence; an evil in which he will personally participate and guide.
I have suggested before that the devil was once the one-and-only Archangel, having three angelic persons in the one being, in perfect imitation of The Eternal-trinity - that being the reason for his supremacy amongst the Angels and the reason behind his pride and eventual rebellion.
Although fallen from his mighty throne and replaced by the most holy and totally loyal Archangel, the devil still retains his triune being.
Still in imitation of The Godhead, the second person of the evil trinity will also take a body and soul of man and in due course, take up the sceptre of evil as the anti-christ in person.
If these presumptions are correct, including the imminent removal of evil, then the claim that the anti-christ is already amongst us, in person, would probably be correct - not that he would be called
anti-christ at all, but would have an honourable-sounding title that suggests that he is the awaited, anointed-one, saviour of all peoples.
Other claims by the 'precursor' of the anti-christ - an imitator of John the Baptist - that 144 sites around the world have been set up on behalf of the anti-christ, would probably be correct, also.

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