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Musings 2005/199

The organisation of the actual anti-christ would already be established in that case, and would be situated and camouflaged so as to survive the impending removal of evil from creation, following which the organisation would simply wait out the era of peace, planting in the meantime, little seeds of self-satisfaction disguised as promotion of the God-given dignity of man - thus laying a long-term foundation that would finally provide a platform from which the anti-christ would launch the final assault of evil upon God's creation, destined to be defeated absolutely and forever by Jesus Christ Himself, in Person.
This final assault by the remnant of
evil i.e. the anti-christ, will not be based on deception, as is the current assault by modernism and post-modernism, but will be based on sheer pride out of which evil began and by which evil will be totally annihilated at Christ's Second-coming.
That's the way I perceive the future.
Modernism Greatest Weapon
I was thinking today at Mass - during the sermon - that modernism had certainly rocked the Barque of Peter over the last century. This awful apostasy had torn down her sails, twisted the rudder so that her went partly off-course and rotted even, the Barque's framework.
I thought of the deceptions and disgusting novelties introduced into Church teaching and liturgy; of the aborted church building once the Life had been deliberately removed from its womb - and other frightening things.
But it seemed to me that one of the worst disasters that modernism wreaked upon The Universal Church was the rebellion of many of Her Priests resulting in anti-Catholic sermons, week after week
Because of the great trust and confidence that Catholics once gave to their Priests, the deceptive sermons went on for decades before many of us realised the disaster that had occurred.
What damage did these Priests do over that time and continue to do, even now!?
The treachery of it!
What defence can such Priests put up before The Almighty when their judgment comes? It is a terrifying thing for them.
It is the same with Catholic schools that were usurped from Truth.
Two or more generations that went through the
Catholic education system, once so superior in teaching The Faith, reached adulthood with a shattered idea of what Catholicism was all about, open to any alternative that had any ring of basic goodness solid common sense about it.
It all gets back to the bottom line - Truth.
The Truth of God must be delivered at Mass and in the Catholic school system. because a watered-down version that suggests that one religion is as good as another, is anti-Catholic and simply untrue.
I have lost count of the number of parents who are bewildered as to why their children have deserted The Church but the answer is very, very simple.
Truth has been by-passed.


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