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Musings 2006/200

A mighty prayer that requires the one praying, to contemplate the mysteries of Christ and of His cosmic redemptive Act.

Indeed, the Holy Rosary
is a sure avenue
to true contemplation.

The Rosary - Repetitive Prayer
How wonderful it is that The Rosary requires one to repeat the same prayers again and again.
It is like physical exercise where repetitive manoeuvres builds up the muscles of the body forming, over time, a beautiful and powerful physique.
It is like taking one step after one step - a million repetitive steps - to go from home to an important venue and then to return from the venue to home.
It is like work, where we do the same thing day after day, year after year, and achieve great and wonderful results.
Yes, repetition is a grand and wonderful thing, to be sure.
How glorious it is that the sun comes up every morning, repetitively, and has done for 365 days in every year for .? How many tens of thousands of years? Some say
millions of years!? Some say billions of years!?
There is nothing wrong with repetition,
for of such is the seasons - the rotation of the earth - the swinging of the earth around the sun - .

But repetition
of exquisite prayers
is far more important.

Yet, like the everlasting rising and setting of the sun, repetition is never quite the same. The colour, the brightness, the contrast, the overall presentation, is always absolutely different - always beautiful in innumerable ways -

always delightful,
always new,
to the senses and to the soul.

So too with The Holy Rosary. It forever generates new majesties of Goodness and new marvels of Truth to the person, to the soul - each second can be an avenue to the very Love of God.
Repetition of the prayer of Christ, The
Our Father, is one of the most constant things of Christianity for 2006 years and does not even look like falling away. Perhaps I could say that the Our Father is being said every second around the world and has been being said every second, for centuries, even millenniums!

Is someone going to say
that the Our Father
is repetitive
and should no longer
be said?

All Christians of every shape and of every colour, will contend that the Our Father MUST be said again and again.
Even people who are not Christians, e.g. the Jehovah Witnesses, would probably repeat again and again the
Our Father, albeit in their own translation.
Well, I have to inform the world that real-Catholics as they pray The Holy Rosary daily, say the
Our Father many times each day as part of the Rosary prayer. These same real-Catholics - of course - say the Our Father other times during the day as well, certainly when they attend their daily Holy Mass.
The Holy Rosary Gives Dignity to Mankind
Because of all the above-mentioned facts, we observe God working in His creation.
We observe Him giving great dignity to man in His Gift of The Immaculate Conception and of His assuming to Himself a body and soul from her.

How great is the dignity
God gave to creation
in giving us The Immaculate Conception?

It is Jesus Christ - God-made-man - who is the source of all of creation's dignity, yet God did not assume all of the merits of Salvation to Himself. No He desired - He absolutely required - that creation co-operate with Him in it's own Salvation.
God did this through The Immaculate Conception who, as The Universal Church proclaims, is

And what greater dignity
can mankind ask
then that The Woman of Scripture
defeat the red dragon?

And how can man obtain this great dignity?
Man can obtain this great dignity by doing what
The Woman asks.
And what does
The Woman ask?
She asks that we pray The Holy Rosary.
What more can I say then -
Ecumenism - The First Requirement
It will have to be clear to the whole world that The Catholic Church, The Church of Christ, is doing everything possible to bring about unity in Christian denominations.
In fact, some of Her
children have gone far too far in reaching out to other Christians, even to defying The Church!! In every possible way!

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