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Musings 2006/200

To anyone with normal intellect, this is a self-defeating - indeed,

because these same children
are prepared to enter into schism,
their actions tend towards
the opposite of unity
by creating yet another
Christian denomination!!!

But that is the insanity of modernism!
The Church is reaching out through the Pope and the Bishops united to him, to all people who call themselves Christians.
The Second Vatican Council gave astonishing impulse and definite direction for The Church to do everything in Her power to become One with all Christians on earth.
And The Church has done everything in this regard, to obtain unity. She has bent over backwards in every way to obtain unity and I have mentioned Her supreme efforts before in these columns.
Unfortunately, due to the massive
evil the twentieth century dumped upon The Church of Christ,

the greatest deterrent
for unity within Christendom
is the scar of apostasy
that The Church carries
upon Herself,
and which has caused an apparent division
within The Mystical Body of Christ.

This greatly retards unity with all Christians.

The Church therefore must,
first and foremost,
become absolutely unified within Herself

before She can successfully reach out and bring the scattered Christian children back into Her bosom.
This will happen quickly I think, and The Catholic Church, fully united within Herself around the world, will
easily and surely, not only reunite Christ's brothers and sisters who bear His Name, but also draw to Herself all children of goodwill who seek Truth and Love, from every race and religion.

So it seems pretty obvious to me that
the first requirement towards unity
within Christendom
is for The Universal Church
to become One in Herself.

If modernism was unsuccessful in its diabolical efforts to totally destroy The Universal Church of Christ, certainly it was most successful in many other ways. Besides the loss of souls, perhaps the most infamous feat of modernism was its total success in making unity of Christians an impossible thing.
Fortunately, modernism is a dead thing and that is why I believe that Christian unity will
now be swift and sure.
The real-Priest
Modernism was also successful in undermining the Priesthood of The Church and She lost tens of thousands of Her cherished, consecrated men along with hundreds of thousands of Her religious Nuns and Brothers.
One of the lessons we real-Catholics have learnt from the awful reign of modernism, was just how magnificent and how precious and how exquisite are our real-Priests (and how awful are the
Priests spawned by modernism!).
I have thought about the Catholic Priesthood over some decades, recalling long-past times when real-Priests were everywhere and we took them for granted.
The real-Nuns and real-Brothers of those halcyon days must also be remembered - I recall them with enchanting memories. How beautiful they were!
And today when the Catholic Priesthood has been brought to its current degradation in many western nations, it is a really painful and appalling cancer within The Church - how it hurts the Catholic Faithful who under their leadership, have been lead away from the Sacraments especially Confession.
The Real-presence in the Eucharist has been questioned and challenged, followed up by the awful example where Priests virtually dismiss The Eucharist from church buildings!
And so on and so on.
But it occurred to me today - yet again - having attended a funeral Mass for a real-Catholic, the awfulness of having a modernist Priest help us to leave this world for the next!
I ask:
What help would a modernist-Priest be who hardly believes in hell, when he hears my confession?
What consoling words would the modernist Priest have for me - he who has been deceiving Catholic Faithful, undermining the Pope and his Magisterium?
For the real-Catholic, devoted to The Woman of Scripture, obedient to the Pope and enthralled by the Real Presence of the Eucharist, what help would a modernist Priest be, who believes in none of these?
Will such a 'Priest' confirm me in my Catholic beliefs when my final moments on earth are approaching? Or will he hand me more modernist tripe on my death-bed when I am so susceptible?
Can I trust a modernist Priest to assist one of my family in his or her dying moments?

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